FIFA 19 House Rules: What you should know

The release of FIFA 19 saw EA are adding fascinating new options to Kick Off mode called ‘House Rules'.

Basically, FIFA 19 House Rules is a series of modes whereby there are unique rules, which will give a bit of zing to any burgeoning rivalry you may have. So here is a rundown of each FIFA 19 addition:

First To

Simply put, here you pick a number of goals to reach, and the first player to do so wins. If the target isn't met, the match will go to extra time and penalties if there is the need.


Survival mode means that at whatever time a team scores a goal they will have a random player removed from their team, which will level the playing field if there is an incongruity in proficiency between players.

Following normal rules, the game will be abandoned once one team has less than seven players.

No Rules

This is precisely what it says on the tin. You can hack away at your opponent to your heart's pleasure without fear of aftermath, and in the build, there didn't appear to be any injuries. There's also no offsides in this mode, and of all the new features, this was absolutely the most entertaining.

Headers And Volleys

With this option, you are only allowed to score from headers and volleys. While this does sound like a fun game, it could have you going for the straightforward cross and header rather than the daring overhead kick.

Long Range

Lastly, a full reward for all those 30-yard piledrivers. In this mode strikes from outer the box count for two, which means it pays to take a punt from range.

On the whole, FIFA 19 House Rules is a fantastic addition to the game, and there could be more expansions in the mode, with the likelihood that future mini-games could be included in FIFA House Rules as updates, a development which was put forward by the creative director of FIFA 19, Matt Prior.

FIFA 19 will launch September 28th for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and the insertion of House Rules will definitely make you want to dip into your pocket when the FIFA 19 comes out in just about two months.

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