FIFA’s World Cup Plan Is All About Money – Jurgen Klopp

FIFA’s World Cup Plan Is All About Money – Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp has said that FIFA's plan to stage the World Cup biennially is “all about money” and that it fails to consider the impact on players.

This is coming after a couple of respected football and sports stakeholders and administrators have voiced their diverse opinions on the plan.

But according to reports, the plan already has a lot of buyers outside Europe. But Klopp has said that the game is being put in danger of placing too many demands on the players who he fears will be expected to play without sufficient rest and preparations if the proposal is approved.

Klopp said this while taking questions from reporters ahead of his side's trip to Elland Road to face Leeds United this weekend.

“If there's a World Cup every two years that means, 100%, that there'll be a European Championships every two years which means top players will have a tournament every summer and maybe a three-week break,” Klopp said. That's the situation.”

“At some point, someone has to start understanding that without the players – the most important ingredient-then we cannot play.”

“There aren't many more relentlessly demanding sports as football. We all know why it's happening-whatever people say about giving countries more opportunity in World Cup, in the end, FIFA's World Cup Plan All About Money Klopp it's all about money.”

“That's how it is. That's fine. We get a lot of money. But all things that have come out about reform, it's always about more games.”

“We can never prepare for a season with our core players, in the long-term that's not right, but it's obviously not important what I say because nobody listens.”

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