Football Leaks Reveal How Ronaldo Earns €4M For Each Individual Award He Wins

Football Leaks Ronaldo Individual Award

Cristiano Ronaldo ranked second on Forbes’ list of the world’s highest-paid athletes in June and also receives a ridiculous amount as a part of Nike’s stable of athletes.

And Documents in the latest Football Leaks revelation – named ‘Football Leaks 2’ – was published by Der Spiegel magazine on Friday.

And they reveal that the 34-year-old will earn €162m from his contract with the sportswear giant.

The contract agreed in 2016, pays the Portuguese forward €16.2m annually for 10 years until 2026.

The deal also includes a bonus of €4m for each individual award, such as the Ballon d’Or, that Ronaldo wins.

Having won the Ballon d’Or and FIFA’s The Best award in 2016 and 2017, the Juventus star has received some handy bonuses from Nike.

He has had a contract with the US clothing company since 2004.

And he will see the €16.2m annual payment “for as long as he plays for a Category A club,” according to Der Spiegel.


Nike responded to the reports saying: “We do not comment on athlete contracts.”

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