Gal Sport Betting ranks high among the best international betting sites. It is until recently that they spread out to some African countries, Uganda inclusive. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at all you need to know about the operator, including the GSB promotion code.

GSB UG code

Welcome Offer: Get a 100% Bonus up to 500,000 UGX

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Welcome offer available using the GSB promotion code

One of the upsides of signing up with GSB Uganda is the juicy welcome bonus you get to enjoy via the GSB promotion code. Every user who registers on GSB Uganda, they are entitled to a 100% bonus of up to 500,000 UGX. Typical of these types of bonuses, there are unique terms and conditions attached. Here are some of the terms and conditions you should be privy to:

  • The welcome bonus is only available to newly registered users
  • You are expected to roll it over three times before the proceeds from the bonus become available for withdrawal
  • For each time you roll it over, it should be on combo bets containing at least five selections
  • Each of the five selections should be at least 1.5 odds

Bonuses you can get with GSB Promo Code

Casino Bonus

It is commonplace for most betting operators to offer different welcome bonus offers for casino and sports betting. However, GSB Uganda is different in that regard. The only bonus offer available to get via the GSB promotion code is for sports betting alone. Sadly, there aren't any special casino bonus offers available for casino enthusiasts. This is one area that GSB could work on to appeal to casino enthusiasts particularly.

How to get the welcome bonus using the GSB promotion code?

One of the important requirements for getting the welcome bonus is using the GSB promotion code in the process of registering. Here, we will be taking you through how you can use the GSB promotion code in the process of registering.

  1. Go to the official GSB Uganda website
  2. Navigate to the register tab
  3. Fill in essential details like phone number, password, and name.
  4. Input the GSB promotion code
  5. Click on the box that attests that you are at least 25 years of age
  6. Click on “Join” to finalize the registration
  7. Make a deposit into your GSB account
  8. Once your deposit is confirmed, your welcome bonus will be credited to you

One thing that is important to note is that this bonus is obtainable for both mobile and desktop users. There is no special bonus specifically for mobile users alone. So long as you follow the steps above, you should be given the bonus regardless of the device used.

Three Amazing Features of GSB

Asides from getting a mouthwatering bonus using the gal sport betting promo code, there are many upsides to using this operator. In this section, we will be taking you through three amazing features that make it enjoyable to use.

Large Range of Sports Betting Markets

One thing you are least likely to complain about when using Gal Sport Betting is not having enough sports to bet on. GSB is very well aware of the importance of having options, especially to the bettors, and as such ensures their platform is stacked with them. When we talk about options, we aren't just talking about the popular sports alone like football, basketball, tennis; but even less popular sports.

If football and basketball aren't your things, you can find over 20 other sport types that would tickle your fancy. Each of the sports available on gal sport betting comes correct with a desirable amount of markets to bet on. However, none of them have more options to bet on like the football section of the platform. Obviously, because of the wide popularity of Football, gal sport betting prioritizes it over others by stacking it with more options and events. As far as the football section of gal sports betting goes, there is no limit to what you can bet on.

GSB Promo Code for Sports

Commendable In-Play Section

Another feature that GSB comes correct with that makes it desirable to use is the In-play section. Betting on the In-play section is a whole different experience from what is obtainable from regular pre-match betting. When you navigate to the In-play section of Gsb, you will open to a space co-training a wide selection of live games that you can exploit to your advantage. Contrary to regular pre-match betting, you can bet on live games while they are still active and get the same chance to win. It is particularly interesting to note that the In-Play section doesn't only come with a broad range of live games, but also a broad range of betting markets.

With these extensive ranges of betting markets on each live game, your options are not in any way limited. To make things even more exciting for you, the live section comes with live statistics on each live event. With the live statistics, you get to keep up with the trajectory of the match and make more insightful betting choices. Not only will you be regaled with live statistics like Head-to-Head, but you will also get updated on the standings as the match proceeds. To get access to the live games of this operator, simply click on “Live” on the homepage.

Highly Secure Website

Gal sports betting understands how important privacy can be to bettors who are active on betting websites. With the increasing occurrence of hacking on these sites, Gsb ensures their site has an SSL Web Server Security Certificate to ensure the website is foolproof. In that light, you don't have to be particularly bothered about your data being compromised. This is simply because the security of the website is tight enough to prevent the possibility of that happening.

Virtual and Esports Games on Gal Sport Betting

More often than not, bettors get bored of betting on regular sporting events and as such lookout for more game options. Gal sport betting understands this penchant for variety, hence they ensure the platform is stacked with other games too. For this section, we will be looking at two major game options – Virtuals and Esports – that bettors can harness while betting on GSB.


As the day goes by, Esports are garnering more attention and getting major sponsors. Given the popularity that this special kind of sport has been garnering so far, bookies like GSB are jumping on providing betting markets on them. So, not only can you bet on football and other sports, but you can also bet on Esports events too. You can find Esports events under the Football section of the sportsbook.


Virtual games are highly sought after by bettors because they can be super easy to play and tend to turn out results faster. Asides from that, the games are constantly running 24/7, unlike regular sports that are mostly available at certain times of the day. Bettors who bet on Virtual games at gal sports betting do so because of how quick they can reel in winnings and the steady availability of the game. So, whether you are playing at midnight, you are going to find virtual games that you can play. This is the case because these games are preprogrammed and are structured to run rotationally at all times of the day. On gal sport betting Uganda, you will find virtual games like a penalty shootout, football manager, instant speedway, virtual racing, and a whole lot more.

Gal Sport Betting Promotion Code

Concluding Remarks

Gal sport betting Uganda is one betting platform that is quite exciting to use. The juicy welcome bonus that can be gotten via the gal sport betting promo code is a welcome idea. The vibrant blue and white colors used for the user interface make it aesthetically appealing, and aids in easy navigation. One has to give the operator credit also for how the website is structured. All the icons are aligned in such a way that finding your way around the website wouldn't prove a struggle. Whether you are a first-time user or not, you will not find it difficult to navigate around it. We also commend the operator for how extensive the sports betting markets can be.

There is quite an array of sports that you can explore, each also coming correct with a great deal of betting markets too. With these options at your fingertips, you are not in any way restricted. The live section particularly is very much delightful to use too. Not only do you get access to betting on live games, but you also get access to live statistics that make betting in those games easier. The GSB mobile application is another delightful thing about using the platform. It tends to give you all that is obtainable with the website in a more compact form.

While Gal sports betting scores a lot of points in how delightful it can be, there are a lot of areas that require major improvements. Also, the platform needs to work on its customer service. More often than not, customers complain about the delay in response that they tend to experience when they send complaints. If this is not worked on as soon as possible, it could be a major deterrent to intending bettors too.

Regardless of some of these complaints cited above, GSB is one online betting platform that we highly recommend.

FAQs about GSB

How can I deposit Mobile Money into my GSB account?

Gsb Uganda offers three major deposit options on the platform: Mobile Money, USSD, and Shop Cash. However, the most used payment option happens to be Mobile Money because of the ease at which it can be used.

To make a deposit using Mobile Money on GSB Uganda, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the official GSB website
  2. Login to your account
  3. Navigate to the deposit page
  4. Select Mobile Money
  5. Input your preferred deposit amount
  6. Click on ‘Start Deposit Process'
  7. A USSD pop-up will be shown on your device
  8. Input your PIN to finalize the transaction

How can I withdraw funds on GSB using Mobile Money?

To withdraw funds on GSB using Mobile Money involves very simple steps. Follow the steps below to withdraw using Mobile Money:

  1. Go to the official GSB Uganda website
  2. Log into your account
  3. Navigate to Withdraw on the page
  4. Select Mobile Money as your preferred withdrawal option
  5. Input your PIN
  6. It will be credited to your account

It is important to note that you can only use the number that you registered with.

Do I need to use the promo code to get the bonus?

You must use the gal sport betting promo code while registering to assure yourself of the welcome bonus. After using the gal sport betting promo code in the process of registering, make a deposit and a 100% equivalent will be credited to your account.

How can I download the GSB app?

Gal Sport Betting Promo Code

The GSB app is a recent development that the operator made possible after a series of complaints. With this app, you get to experience a more optimized betting experience. To download the app simply follow the steps below

  1. Go to the main GSB website
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage
  3. Click on the download link there to start download
  4. While downloading, go to your mobile settings
  5. Change the settings to allow download from untrusted sources
  6. Once the download is completed, click on the install
  7. Now you can enjoy using the app from your mobile device

It is always advisable to only download the app from the website and not other third-party websites. Downloading from other third-party websites could set up your device for ruins, and you do not want that. Apart from GSB, if you want to know about other top operators with apps, read our article on the best betting app in Nigeria.

What are the customer support channels available?

At gal sports betting, there are three main customer support channels available to ensure ease of reaching out at times of need. The three channels that you can exploit are Chat, Email, and Call. The Email address to reach out to for complaints is [email protected]. If you want to call instead, the line to dial is 0800-33-44-55

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