Wazobet is one of the relatively new online betting platforms in Nigeria that has gained attention over the years. This article will take a look at all you need to know about the Wazobet mobile app.

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Wazobet - App

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Where to Download the Wazobet Bet App?

There is only one version of the Wazobet app, which is the Android version. To download the app, simply go to the website, click on the menu icon and click on the ‘Wazobet app.' From there, you will be redirected to a page where you can kickstart the download. It would suffice to note that before you download the app, you should change your phone settings about applications. You are expected to change your app settings to allow download from ‘untrusted sources.' For your own good, you are advised to refrain from downloading from other sources that aren't the official Wazobet website.

Wazobet App

Top Features of the Wazobet App

The Wazobet app stands out for various reasons, which will be throwing more light on in this section. If you are registering a new account from the app, you can even use a Wazobet bonus code when you sign up.

Robust Casino Selection

One of the key perks of using the app is the fact that you stand a chance to enjoy a casino experience that you can't have enough of. Imagine having over 2,000 casino games available to explore. This case, you are spoiled with choices and you might even have a hard time knowing what to pick because they are all good.

Betting Tips

Not every sportsbook app out there comes with betting tips that you can take advantage of to win. Wazobet gives its users to maximize their expert tips to win. With the app, you can get notified on tips for your favourite matches that are about to play. With these tips at your disposal, making a bet becomes way easier and you tend to make a more informed bet. This feature basically eases the whole process of making selections for you.


With the cash-out feature being in vogue amongst top online betting apps, you can count on Wazobet not to miss having that in their app. With the cash out feature, you can choose to pull out of your bet and take some winnings when you see there is the likelihood it could go wrong. This feature practically saves you from the possibility of losing everything entirely. One commendable thing about the cash-out feature on the app is that it gives more mouthwatering cash returns than attainable with some other apps.

Live Bet

With the Live Bet feature, you still get to play games even when they are playing live. Gone are those times where you are only left with the option of playing before the game starts. To bet on live games on the wazobet app, simply click on ‘live bet' and navigate through the options to make your picks. With the live bet feature, you also get access to helpful statistics that will help you make better betting decisions.


Screenshots of the Wazobet App

There is no way you can know how the app operates without downloading it. However, with the screenshots we will be discussing in this section, you tend to have a better idea.

Screenshot 1

Wazobet App

The screenshot above shows three screens, which paints the picture of the sequence of installation. When you go to the Wazobet official site home page, the first screen is what you will see. When you click on the download icon that's visible on the first screen, the next screen pops up and you will be asked whether you want to install or cancel after downloading. Once you click on install, it takes a few moments, then you will be shown the last screen. At that phase, you are practically done installing the app. Simply click on ‘Open' to now explore the newly downloaded app. From what you have seen, you can easily start and finish the process of installation from the Wazobet website.

Screenshot 2

From the screenshot above, you will find a list of countries. These are the top football countries that you can bet on. Once you click on the ‘A-Z' tab that you can see above, you will be shown this list. This comes in handy when you are trying to make a football bet, and you are in the process of making your selections. Each of the countries listed there has a plethora of leagues.

All you have to do is to click your preferred leagues and navigate to the matches available on each league. Once you click on each match, you will be shown a wide range of betting markets that you can explore.

Once you are done taking your picks, you can go ahead to click on the bet slip and place your bet. If you would prefer to bet on live games, simply click on the ‘Live Bet' tab in the screenshot. If you intend to try your hands on virtual games, you can easily click on the ‘Virtual Sports' tab.

Wazobet App

Wazobet Casino App

The operator made sure that the sportsbook has a different app while the casino has a different app assigned too. With the casino app, you know you are only focused on playing casino games. There is no distraction whatsoever and interestingly, it tends to function better than when playing on the site. Not only do you enjoy a better casino experience, but you also have access to as many as 2,000 casino games. With this many casino games at your disposal, you have no reason to complain about not having enough options.

Comparison between the Wazobet App and Bet9ja App

The Bet9ja App and Wazobet mobile app share a similarity in the colour themes used. Both apps harnessed green and black colour themes. The only difference in the colour themes is the fact that Wazobet uses yellow. The User interface looks relatively similar too, but Wazobet looks a little more simplistic.

Another aspect where we can draw parallels between both apps is the availability of two apps for sportsbooks and casinos respectively. Both of the operators thought it would make more sense to design two apps that serve different purposes.

Both apps also have no provision for iOS versions which makes those using such devices feel left out.

One aspect that the Bet9ja app seems to shine over the Wazobet app is the availability of sports betting markets. On the bet9ja app, players are likely to have more sports betting markets to explore. However, with the Wazobet app, the options aren't as many.

What Wazobet seems to be lacking in sports betting markets, it makes up for it in the casino game offerings available. With over 2,000 casino games available on the Wazobet App, the Bet9ja App seems to fall short.

The Wazobet App comes with some extra features like the Betting tips feature which scores some extra points for the app.

Looking at both apps, there are a lot of similarities. However, we would pick the Wazobet app over the Bet9ja app. The main reason is the fact that the Wazobet app has better features that users can enjoy.



The Wazobet app is one of the most commendable mobile apps that you would find out there. The first thing we like about the app is the simplicity of design. You don't necessarily have to be a pro bettor to be able to find your way around it. We also like the fact that the app comes with a highly functional live section where you can play live games without any interruption. Another upside of using the app is the fact that you tend to enjoy a faster betting experience, compared to what you would experience when using the site.

It is almost impossible not to mention how robust the casino selection of the casino app is. Not many operators out there have an app with this broad selection of casino games. With over 2,000 casino games to pick from, there is no limit to what you can play at the Wazobet casino app.


One aspect that we don't seem to agree on with the app is the fact that it has two different apps for casinos and Sports. Some operators have an app that covers both, like the Paripesa App, yet they still thrive well. Not many users out there are enthusiastic about downloading two applications from one operator. It would favour Wazobet a great deal if they can build an app that covers both sports and casinos.

Another aspect that we think should be looked at is the unavailability of a Wazobet mobile app for iOS users. It doesn't look good that the operator has only one version of the app, which is for Android users. Building a different app for iOS users will make them feel seen and not sidelined. Also, it could help preserve the crop of iOS users they have currently patronizing their platform.

Regardless of all that has been discussed so far, the Wazobet app is one delightful betting app. We highly recommend it.

We rate this app 93%.

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