Globe Soccer Awards: Ronaldo Snubs Madrid In Acceptance Speech

Last updated on August 8th, 2019 at 5:27 pm

It is now very obvious that Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo did not end in the best terms, and this latest “Gem” by the player left no doubt about the Portuguese footballer’s true feelings against his former employers.

The Portuguese ace made an appearance at the Dubai Globe Soccer Awards, where he picked up the Best Goal and Best Player awards.

During his acceptance speech for the latter, CR7 looked back at how he earned quite a few individual trophies and his desire to win more titles with Juventus.

When it came to mentioning Real Madrid, Ronaldo decided to change the subject.

“2018 was a tough year, but I managed to win many trophies, like the Champions League, and it was amazing. What happened in 2018 is now in the past, I’m a person that is motivated by new challenges, and I dream about winning many trophies with my new team, Juventus. I plan on winning as many trophies as I can with them,” Ronaldo said.

The footballer also aimed a dig at FIFA’s execs that decided to fail to acknowledge his goal in favor of Mohamed Salah’s strike for the Puskas Award.

The gala named Atlético the Best team in the world and Didier Deschamps taking home the Best Coach award.

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