Kevin De Bruyne Reveals Why He’d Love To Play Alongside Cristiano Ronaldo

De Bruyne Play Alongside Cristiano Ronaldo

Kevin De Bruyne has revealed how much he would love to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo because of the Portuguese's freak athleticism and goalscoring ability.

Speaking from his home while in isolation, the 28-year-old discussed dream team-mates with Sportsmail's Jamie Redknapp who said he would love to see De Bruyne in a midfield three with Andres Iniesta and Xavi.

While Redknapp dreamed up what one of the most best midfield trios of all time, the Manchester City star was thinking further up the pitch.

‘'I would look to strikers, someone like Thierry Henry, my coach at Belgium,' De Bruyne said on the Football Daily Podcast.

‘’Even someone like Cristiano, for me as a creative player you know he is going to be there so I want someone quick who can go deep, that would help me a lot. For what I do, strikers are the main importance.'’

Redknapp agreed saying that the Portuguese talisman would love to be on the end of De Bruyne's trademark cross – which De Bruyne claims could still be overcooked and the Portuguese talisman would manage to reach it.

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De Bruyne added: ‘’Cristiano, I could cross it three metres higher and know he is still going to get it.'’

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