King Promise – ‘Football is crazy money’

King Promise – ‘Football is crazy money’

Ghanaian Singer and Songwriter, King Promise, might be known for music today but it could have all been a different story if he had followed his football dream.

Money remains a huge component of everyone’s day-to-day activities and human beings keep going in search of it in order to live a much better life.

Without any doubt, money cannot be taken out of the life equation and it must be followed via passionate causes and means. Although many people have gone the illegal route, football remains one of the legitimate means to make huge money in this present age.

Another aspect of life that tends to give such is entertainment and people who have in one way or the other benefitted from it continue to speak about its potency to change one’s life.

And that brings Ghanaian singer-songwriter, Gregory Bortey Newman, aka King Promise, into the picture, as he revealed that music was not always his dream.

Who is King Promise?

Gregory Bortey Newman, who is widely known as King Promise, was born on 16th August 1995 (28 years old). He is a Ghanaian highlife and Afrobeats singer-songwriter. He comes from Nungua in Accra, Ghana. 

King Promise attended the De Kings Academy, proceeded to Nungua Senior High School, and then graduated from Central University in 2016.

King Promise is currently signed to the Legacy Life Entertainment record Label and is known across the continent of Africa for several songs like Oh yeah, Selfish, Tokyo among others.

He has won a number of awards including the Best Male Vocalist of the Year at the UK edition of the Ghana Music Awards and the Hiplife Song of the Year at the 3 Music Awards.

King Promise could have played football

King Promise made a revelation during his recent appearance on The Beat 99.9 FM, Lagos, Nigeria, while trying to promote his latest work.

The singer released a single titled ‘Terminator’ earlier but has decided to do a remix, featuring the award-winning Nigerian superstar, Young Jonn, who gave a refined rendition on the soundtrack.

According to King Promise, he wanted to be a football player but ditched that dream to focus on making music.

King Promise said, “I thought I was going to be a footballer. I played as a midfielder. Put me anywhere in the middle. I was playing football in school until I took music seriously towards the end of my university degree program. I blew up in my last year in uni so I forgot this sport [football].

“Music regardless is a lifetime, you know. Music money is lifetime money. No matter how old you are, you can still perform. I still listen to music of people who are probably dead but football is a short-span career. But it’s crazy money though. I’m not going to lie.”

If he had pursued his dream, we'll never know if he could have been a Black Stars international and AFCON star today

Is football money truly crazy?

Football has never been more accessible than it is now. Football has a worldwide market, and as such, it is marketed to a whole world of consumers.

Footballers earn a ridiculous amount of money, but again, this is in step with the way the game has gone economically. The Premier League for instance, boasts an immense financial power, such that most players dream of playing in the English top flight.

The football industry is now one of the most lucrative industries in the financial world. In addition, the value of football clubs has soared over the last 30 years, and investors and countries are now desperate to try and get involved within a market that is still yet to reach its peak. 

Saudi Arabia, which has become one of the destinations for footballers this summer, has spent at least $6.3bn (£4.9bn) in sports deals since early 2021. Aside from that, footballers generally take home a huge amount of money per week.

Essentially, King Promise isn’t far from the truth, and truly, football money is crazy.

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