Kudus Mohammed salary per week at West Ham: How much can Black Star earn?

Black Stars' Kudus Mohammed salary per week at West Ham will blow your mind
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What is Kudus Mohammed salary per week at West Ham? Get insights into the Ghana midfielder's earnings as he makes his mark in the Premier League.

West Ham United's recent acquisition of Ghanaian talent Mohammed Kudus has sent ripples of excitement through the African football community.

The 23-year-old attacking midfielder has made the leap from Dutch powerhouse Ajax  to the Premier League, signing a five-year contract with the Hammers.

Kudus Mohammed salary per week at West Ham United: A glimpse into his earnings

Kudus' new deal with West Ham, which extends until June 30, 2028, has turned heads for more reasons than one.

What is Kudus Mohammed salary per week?

Kudus, who made the leap from Dutch giant Ajax to the English Premier League, is slated to earn an impressive £23.4 million over the course of his five-year contract.

The young player is set to earn a considerable sum during his tenure with the club, with a gross salary of £4,680,000 earmarked for the 2023-2024 season.

This translates to a weekly paycheck of £90,000 – a substantial figure that reflects both his talent and the club's investment in his abilities.

For fans and football enthusiasts alike, the question of a player's salary is often of great interest.

In the Black Stars midfielder's case, his weekly earnings are a topic of conversation, with Kudus Mohammed salary per week pocketing £90,000 gross.

This notable figure places him among the well-compensated players in the Premier League, showcasing the club's commitment to securing top-tier talent.

Tracing the path: Kudus' earnings journey

Kudus Mohammed gives an interview
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As for Kudus' overall career earnings, a glimpse into his past contracts sheds light on his journey.

During his time at Ajax, he earned an annual salary of £1 million, equivalent to approximately £19,700 weekly.

These earnings have contributed to his total gross earnings of £3,076,635 throughout his playing career.

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