Landlord’s Wife Destroys Paul Gascoigne Apartment Over Late-Night Drinking

Paul Gascoigne Apartment Over Late-Night Drinking

Ex-England star Paul Gascoigne, who has battled alcoholism, lives near a mobile home site in Gainsborough.

There were footage showing him unlocking the door and saying: “Here we are lads!”

Empty beer bottles are spread around and a pal admits: “We had a party the other night.”

The owner then announces: “Paul Gascoigne in the old shed. Few beers. Gazza’s in the house.”

As a pool table is readied, he adds: “Luke’s having a game with him — £500.”

And turning to the England legend, he asks: “Gazza, is this the best beer shed you’ve been in?”

The Geordie, 52, is cheered as he responds with an “OK” sign. Others are shown sinking beers, playing cards and watching TV.

Gazza says to the camera: “Can’t beat this f****** place — unreal.”

But another video later showed the owner’s furious wife Elizabeth smashing up the shed.

She rants: “You’ve pushed me too far. Too far. There.

“Now sit in that. Sit in that.

“Torturing me long enough.

“Do not come in anymore at two in the morning. There’s your pub . . . ”

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 The secret pub shed was later destroyed by owner Paul Salmon's wife who had grown sick of his late-night drinking sessions.

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