Liverpool’s Zeljko Buvac Emerges Arsenal’s new manager – Pravda BL

A huge rumour of Zeljko Buvac succeeding Arsene Wenger has broken in the Bosnian press.

The source of this rumor are Pravda BL, and that’s vital to the story’s credibility.

Pravda BL were the same source who first reported that Jurgen Klopp was bringing  Zeljko Buvac from Borussia Dortmund to Liverpool back in 2015.

On Tuesday, the same Bosnian news outlet are claiming an ‘exclusive’ that Zeljko Buvac will be the new Arsenal manager.

Pravda BL appear extremely confident that Buvac will be the Gunners’ next coach after Arsene Wenger.

They report that “everything is arranged with Arsenal” and the Bovac will be installed at Arsenal this summer.

Pravda BL also claim that Bovac is set to come out of the “shadow of Jurgen Klopp” as he’ll be “alone” at Arsenal.

In a surprise to most Liverpool fans, Zeljko Buvac left Liverpool on Monday.

Zeljko Buvac, who has worked together with Jurgen Klopp for the past 17 years, is known as the ‘brain’ for being the tactical guru in Klopp’s backroom staff.

It remains uncertain why precisely Buvac left Anfield just days before the Champions League semifinal second-leg at Roma.

Liverpool enter into that game with a 5-2 advantage from the first-leg.

Clearly, if the Arsenal rumours are true, that would be a conceivable explanation.

In the Times, Paul Joyce has dug into the fallout between Liverpool’s manager and coach.

It’s made clear that Bovac has left Anfield for “personal reasons”.

Readers were then told the following:

It is understood Buvac has become increasingly distant and withdrawn around the club, and visibly less engaged during matches recently, and it is that, rather than any specific fall-out with Klopp, which has resulted in his stepping back from first-team duties in the aftermath of the stalemate with Stoke City on Saturday.

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