Messi & Ronaldo: Biggest Stars In World Football

From 2005 to now, two names that have occupied the fame of the world football village are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. In this article, will help you know more about two football star and their style of playing football…

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Messi and Ronaldo – best footballers in the world!

Messi is considered as one of the biggest football stars with the largest number of fans base in the world and the football legend Diego Maradona calls Messi his heir. Why does Diego Maradona call his like this? Because They have many similarities. 

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Firstly, they have the same physique. Messi doesn't have muscular and long legs as other players. On the contrary, he has a small body and short legs. It seems to be the weakness of any football player. But don't forget, we are talking about Messi – one of the biggest star in the world. With God gifted talent, Messi turns the weakness into his advantage. And this is another similarity between Messi and Maradona. They have the same style of playing football Messi can easily turn around, change direction or avoid the ball from the opponent well before the players who are higher than him. With short legs, he is extremely strong and helps M10 can accelerate quickly, with fast strides. He is a rare player who can achieve the speed of running with the ball. 

The world press spent all the words to praise this football star. He is likened to Genius; Savior; Hero; Best player in the final; Our pastor; The boss of the football world, …

How about Cristiano Ronaldo? If they call Messi is the “Boss” of the football, then Ronaldo is called the “Monster” of world football. They also gave him other good words like The executioner; Football mafia; Holy life; Hero; … So what makes Cristiano Ronaldo become a big star? Like Messi, Ronaldo knows how to use his physical advantage and turn it into strength. Owning an extremely standard body, with a height of 1m86 and the least amount of excess fat in all the sexes. Ronaldo possesses extremely scary aerial ability. Not only that, he can finish perfectly with both legs, he is also world-famous for his free kicks.

Poverty or disease: nothing stops you from becoming stars! 

Everyone has their own events in life, and our two stars too. When 5 years old Messi played for Grandoli Club, a local club led by his father. When Messi was 10 years old, see abnormal growths in Messi’s height. His father took him to the hospital the lack of growth hormone was diagnosed. One thing that shocked him and his family when he was puberty. The cost of treatment was not too large. However, Messi's family couldn’t afford to pay 900 USD per month for the cost of treatment. But lucky smiled with him, the director of Barcelona Club – Carles Rexach offered his help, provided Messi was a Barcelona player. Thanks for that, Messi became a Barcelona football player. And Messi started his professional playing career at Barcelona Club. He has been being a part of this club over many years of competition until now when he is over 30 years old. He is still playing for professional tournaments and keeping his top form. No many players of this age can do this. Of course, over many years of professional play, Messi's playing style has also changed and become increasingly outstanding. 

Messi has short legs but they are so strong, he can accelerate quickly is the style, helps him control the ball well and very easy to dribble the ball at high-level. Mr Pep Guardiola commented that “he is the only player who can run with the ball faster than running without the ball”. What makes Messi special is his ability to play with his left foot. When keeping the ball, turning the ball or creating the ball for his teammates, he often uses the outside of the left foot and definitely uses the inner foot. When he started playing, Messi played in the position of a left-wing striker, then was pushed to the right-wing by the current coach of the Barce club. When playing under Guardiola, he played again as a central striker. But playing football in the Argentina national team, he can play anywhere in attack. In Maradona's time, Messi was playing as a striker or a winger. He can also play in lower positions as a public midfielder, or midfielder. Messi becomes famous for beautiful goals in the match. Thanks to his hard work after each training period Messi became famous for his impressive free-kicks of the goalkeeper, what can hardly be done. With effort, hard work, endurance and rare talent, so far Messi is still the most expensive player on the planet. He kept himself many noble titles that few could achieve.

About Cristiano Ronaldo, he grew up in a poor and Catholic home, sharing a room with all his siblings. As a child, Ronaldo played for Andorinha amateur team. In 1997, at the age of 12, Ronaldo took a three-day examination with Sporting CP, who signed a £1,500 contract with him. When he was 15 years old, Ronaldo was diagnosed with heart disease and was not allowed to play football. However, those things could not stop CR7's love for football. Thanks to his intense love for the ball and promise to himself to play professionally to help his family escape from a difficult situation. Ronaldo has overcome heart disease spectacularly and continues to play professionally. In his professional playing career, he has experienced many ups and downs. Ronaldo is really a “monster” attacking the pitch, a nightmare for the world's leading defences. Ronaldo's forte is the left-wing striker. In this position, he is able to show off his pace, skilful individual and speedy moves to overcome the opponent miraculously. He can also finish perfectly with both legs. What contributes to Ronaldo's popularity is the free-kick on his left. All the qualities of a great striker are in him, from speed, sprint, ability to finish, dogfight, pass the ball, run, etc. Until now when he was 35 years old, along with Messi, Ronaldo is one of the rare top professional players. And you don't have any reason to deny that they would be great monuments in the future.

Hopefully this article will inspire young people who love football or anyone who is struggling in life. Messi and Ronaldo, they did something unbelievable. You too.

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