Mikel Obi recalls Abramovich’s badass response to dad’s kidnapping

Mikel Obi recalls Abramovich’s badass response to dad’s kidnapping
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Mikel Obi has pulled former Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich into the news following the abduction of the parents of Liverpool striker Luis Diaz.

The Colombian is at his lowest ebb, but it did not stop him from scoring a goal last weekend as Liverpool drew 1-1 with Luton Town.

Following his goal-scoring heroics, Luis Diaz sent a message to his father's kidnappers, begging for his release.

Mike Obi, on a radio talk show, expressed support for the Colombian striker and regaled the world of his two kidnap experiences.

Mikel Obi also piqued the interest of many of his followers as he described an intriguing moment involving former Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

Abramovich tried to help Mikel Obi in a SWAT-style rescue

roman abramovich offers to help mikel obi
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In the wake of the abduction of Luis Diaz's father, Mikel Obi spoke about his experiences on a radio show.

The former Super Eagles and Chelsea midfielder let on about how his father was abducted twice and how he was released.

Many people may remember the kidnap incident, but what they don't know is the role Abramovich was willing to play in the safe return of his father, Michael Obi.

Speaking on the issue, Mikel Obi said he had to pay the kidnappers a massive amount of money the first time to secure the release of his father.

The second incident occurred while he was at the World Cup in Russia in 2018.

Shortly before the knockout tie between the Super Eagles and Argentina, Mikel Obi received news from his brother that his father had been kidnapped again.

Following the kidnap, former Chelsea owner Abramovich offered to help.

The midfielder said Abramovich offered to send his men into Nigeria to rescue his father and if Mikel Obi wanted that, it could be done.

Curious Mikel Obi baffled at Abramovich SWAT offer

mikel obi recalls father's kidnapping
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Perhaps the former Chelsea midfielder had not been watching Hollywood movies, because he was baffled at how Abramovich could mobilizer forces to move into Nigeria and rescue his father.

According to Mikel Obi, Abramovich said he shouldn't bother about how it would be done, but the offer was on the table if he wanted it.

Mikel Obi opted to pay the kidnappers to avoid getting his father killed.

According to the former Chelsea midfielder, the kidnappers were later caught.

However, no one knows if Abramovich was involved in catching the kidnappers or if the money was returned.

Mikel Obi offers support to Luis Diaz

mikel obi supports Luis Diaz
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The former Super Eagles captain said he could relate to how Luis Diaz was feeling at the moment and offered his support.

He implored the forward to stay strong for his family and himself.
He also encouraged friends and family to give the Liverpool forward the needed support at this trying moment.

Obi was glad to note that there was plenty of support coming from the Reds.

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