National Football Team Bus Has Been Held Up By Gunmen

Footage shows the terrifying moment that the Belize national football team were held up by gunmen in Haiti.

Belize, ranked 170th in the world rankings, headed to the island for a World Cup qualifier before the horror struck.

Belize were on their way to a hotel when a group of men on motorbikes pulled the bus over.

The team had a four-man police escort but were outnumbered with TMZ reporting the armed insurgents could be heard shouting “Pull over or else!”

A statement from the Belize Football Federation confirmed the police needed to negotiate with the armed men to allow the team to continue their journey.

The statement read: “Despite the four man police escort, the team bus was stopped by an uproar of insurgents with assault rifles on motorcycles and police escorts with forced to negotiate.

“The situation is one that the team should never have faced but we are pleased to report that our Jaguars, although shaken by the terrible experience, are safely at their hotel.”

It is not clear what demands were made for the team to continue on to their hotel.

Belize star Deon McCaulay admitted it was a scary moment though was glad to finally be in a safe area.

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Belize have confirmed they are in contact with FIFA authorities and are doing everything to ensure they stay safe.

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