Neymar’s Mum’s Lover Nadine Goncalves Stabbed In Restaurant

Neymar’s mum’s on-off toyboy boyfriend has claimed that he was stabbed in a restaurant in the Mexican resort of Cancun during a sunshine break.

The pair flew to a five-star hotel in the holiday paradise last week after Nadine Goncalves reportedly gave model and Internet gamer Tiago Ramos “a second chance.”

But the 24-year-old, four years younger than PSG forward Neymar and 28 years younger than divorced mum-of-two Nadine, posted a shocking Instagram video over the weekend showing blood over his neck and chest as he went public with details of the attack.

Insisting it had been premeditated, he said: “I almost died for something I didn’t do. I arrived at the restaurant and asked for a plate of meat.

 “I don’t know what happened. I didn’t do anything but they didn’t let me stay.”

Claiming one of three men had stabbed him, he added: “This is not going to stay the way it is. I have the number of the person who did this and I am going to return to Mexico.”

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He also revealed he was alone in Mexico, appearing to confirm Neymar’s mum had returned to Brazil without him after jetting with him to Cancun.

The pair were pictured together last week on a flight from Sao Paulo to Panama.

Nadine, who broke up with Tiago for a second time in June after an incident in which he cut his arm with glass which her spokesman at the time attributed to a “domestic accident”, later posted a picture of herself in a bikini in the sea thought to have been taken in Cancun.

It was not clear on Monday if the 24-year-old had contacted police about the alleged restaurant incident or had been treated in hospital.

The pair have only ever published one photograph of themselves together on social media, showing them with their arms round each other in Nadine’s garden on April 11 alongside a message which said: “The inexplicable cannot be explained, just experienced.”

Brazilian journalist Sonia Abrao claimed Neymar’s mum had raced to Tiago’s rescue late last month after he suffered an emotional crisis believed to be linked to their break-up.

He has been open about his battle with depression in online posts.

His mental health admissions followed revelations keep-fit fanatic Tiago had dated a string of men including Neymar’s personal chef.

Alleged pressure on Nadine from her family after the model’s gay relationships were made public, was blamed for her reported decision to end the brief affair.

In May, 44-year-old Spaniard Rita Cumplido, one of at least two older women apart from Nadine that Tiago is understood to have dated in the past, told a Brazilian TV station he had assaulted her during an alcohol-fuelled jealous rage.

She also claimed she had taken out a restraining order against Ramos following the October 2019 assault.

There was no comment at the time from the Brazilian model to Rita’s interview and Nadine has not commented on the trip she is reported to have made to Mexico with Tiago.

Sao Paulo-based PR consultant Irinaldo Oliver, who confessed to a brief affair with Tiago after his relationship with Nadine became public in April, said earlier this year: “I was shocked by this news about his new relationship and my phone hasn’t stopped ringing.

“I began to receive photos of him with Neymar’s mum. I’m astonished. I always knew he saw women as well but I had never seen him with any.”

It has also been reported that Tiago was romantically involved with a Brazilian actor and stand-up comic called Carlinhos Maia and a millionaire businessman called Eduardo Pereira said to have treated him like a “prince” by moving him into his mansion and letting him use his fleet of expensive sports cars.

Tiago, described as a soccer promise when he played for a club called Ferroviario Atletico Clube based in the city of Fortaleza at the start of his short career, has previously been described in Brazil as a friend of Neymar’s.

He has also met soccer legends like Ronaldinho.

Tiago wrote after having his photo taken alongside the former Barcelona star in December 2017: “It’s magic. I’m speechless when it comes to describing this moment but my face says it all, lots of happiness and lots of emotion.

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“I’m very happy to have known you.”

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