Nigeria vs Angola: 5 most dangerous Palancas Negras players

Nigeria vs Angola: 5 most dangerous Palancas Negras players
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The stage is set for a riveting clash as Nigeria prepares to lock horns with Angola in the quarterfinals of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).

As these two footballing powerhouses prepare to go head-to-head, the spotlight falls on the players who could play pivotal roles in determining the outcome of this highly anticipated Nigeria vs Angola encounter.

Angola's Palancas Negras have emerged as a formidable force in the tournament, showcasing a blend of skill, determination, and teamwork.

In this quarterfinal showdown (Nigeria vs Angola), the focus shifts to the five most dangerous players donning the Palancas Negras jersey, each possessing the potential to influence the game's dynamics.

From goal-scoring prowess to defensive solidity and creative playmaking, these players stand as pillars of strength for Angola, presenting a formidable challenge for the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

The battle lines are drawn, and football enthusiasts around the continent eagerly await a Nigeria vs Angola clash that promises intensity, skill, and the pursuit of a coveted spot in the AFCON semifinals.

Nigeria vs Angola: A tactical analysis of 5 most dangerous Palancas Negras players

Gelson Dala

Gelson Dala of Angola celebrates goal with teammates during the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations
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Gelson Dala emerged as the undeniable star for Angola in their clash against Namibia, leaving an indelible mark on the match by directly contributing to all three goals.

Displaying a remarkable offensive prowess, Dala not only netted twice himself but also played a crucial role in setting up the third goal.

His outstanding performance earned him a well-deserved second Man of the Match award in the tournament, emphasizing his indispensable role within the Palancas Negras squad.

With this stellar showing, Dala's tournament goal tally surged to an impressive four, solidifying his status as a goal-scoring maestro for Angola and a potent threat for any opposition defense in the AFCON quarterfinals.


In the Round of 16 clash, Mabululu seized the spotlight with a fantastic goal that has become the talk of the tournament.

His moment of brilliance came midway through the second half, sealing the victory for Angola with a skillful and precise finish.

Mabululu showcased his exceptional goal-scoring prowess, leaving an indelible mark on the match.

The goal, his third in the tournament, highlighted not only his individual skill but also the collective teamwork and determination of the Palancas Negras.

The swift counter-attack leading to Mabululu's goal demonstrated Angola's cohesive and strategic approach, setting the stage for a formidable presence in the AFCON quarterfinals.


Alfredo Kulembe Fredy Ribeiro during the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations Angola press conference
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Fredy, the captain of the Angolan side, has emerged as a pivotal force in their attacking strategies.

His influence was particularly evident in the Round of 16, where Fredy played a crucial role in orchestrating both of Gelson Dala's goals.

This showcased not only his leadership on the field but also his exceptional playmaking abilities, providing crucial assists to bolster Angola's offensive efforts.

With a tally of three assists in the AFCON 2024, Fredy's role in creating goal-scoring opportunities is undeniably central to Angola's pursuit of success in the tournament.

Jonathan Buatu

Buatu Mananga Jonathan (Angola)
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In the defensive realm, Jonathan Buatu has proven to be a steadfast and reliable force for Angola.

While showcasing his prowess in maintaining a solid defensive backline, Buatu has also demonstrated offensive contributions with one crucial assist.

His adeptness in reading the game and actively participating in the build-up play establishes him as an indispensable component of the Palancas Negras' overall strategy.

As Angola prepares for the quarter-finals, Buatu's defensive prowess and strategic involvement will likely play a crucial role in their quest for success in AFCON 2024.


Gilberto has showcased his goal-scoring prowess in the ongoing tournament, finding the back of the net once.

With an impressive PPG (Points Per Game) of 3.00, he exemplifies efficiency in converting opportunities into tangible goals.

Positioned as a right-winger, Gilberto's dynamic presence in the attacking third adds an extra dimension to Angola's overall offensive strategy.

As they face Nigeria in the quarter-finals of AFCON 2024, Gilberto's ability to capitalize on goal-scoring opportunities will likely be a focal point in Angola's pursuit of success in the tournament.

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