Where to watch AFCON 2024: A guide to free streaming

Where to watch AFCON 2024: A guide to free streaming
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Discover where to watch AFCON 2024 with ease! Experience the excitement of the Africa Cup of Nations on diverse platforms, fostering a deeper connection between national teams and supporters worldwide.

Football enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the 2024 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Côte d'Ivoire can rejoice, as the tournament is set to be easily accessible on various free-to-air channels.

Scheduled to unfold from January 13 to February 11, 2024, AFCON 2024 promises a football spectacle that fans can enjoy without the constraints of international subscriptions.

This inclusive initiative aims to strengthen the connection between national teams and their supporters, offering a diverse range of channels for global coverage.

Where to watch AFCON 2024 for free? 

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Among the confirmed free-to-air channels for broadcasting AFCON 2024, the Moroccan Sports Channel (TNT) and the Algerian Terrestrial Channel on Nilesat 7 West stand out, providing comprehensive coverage for North African viewers.

Additionally, fans can tune in to BeIN Sport English on Astra 19 East and enjoy the Digital Sports Channel for a seamless streaming experience.

The extensive list continues, featuring channels like Astra 23.5 East's Dutch Zigo Bouquet, Hispasat 30 West's Sports Bouquet, and Turksat 42 East's Klub Sport Channel, ensuring a broad reach across different regions.

Viewers can also catch select matches on Hotbird 13 East and Eutelsat 36 East VIP, adding versatility to the streaming options.

For those with a preference for satellite packages, the DSTV Package, Eutelsat 9 East's Sport Channel, and the RTI Package on Satellite 22 West C-Band offer exclusive coverage.

The inclusion of multiple channels across various satellites aims to cater to a global audience, making AFCON 2024 a truly accessible and shared experience.

Where to watch AFCON 2024: SuperSport faces setback as it fails to secure broadcasting rights

General View during the qualifiers of the TotalEnergies U23 Africa Cup of Nations 2022/23 draw held at CAF Headquarters
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In a surprising turn of events, SuperSport, Africa's largest pay TV broadcaster, has announced its inability to secure the broadcasting rights for the much-anticipated 2023 Africa Cup of Nations.

The revelation comes as a setback for football enthusiasts across the continent who have come to rely on SuperSport for comprehensive coverage of major sporting events.

The broadcaster, known for its extensive sports content, cited challenges in acquiring the rights for the tournament.

Where to watch AFCON 2024 for free: Full list

  1. Moroccan Sports Channel (TNT)
  2. Algerian Terrestrial Channel – Nilesat 7 West
  3. BeIN Sport English
  4. Astra 19 East
  5. Digital Sports Channel
  6. Astra 19 East (second mention)
  7. Sports Bouquet
  8. Hispasat 30 West
  9. Dutch Zigo Bouquet
  10. Astra 23.5 East
  11. Bouquet 5 Sport
  12. Amos 4 West
  13. TV Channel 8.5
  14. Turksat 42 East
  15. Klub Sport Channel
  16. Eutelsat 16 East (Forever)
  17. Tipik Chain
  18. Hotbird 13 East (for select matches)
  19. DSTV Package
  20. Eutelsat 36 East VIP
  21. Sport Channel
  22. Eutelsat 9 East
  23. RTI Package – Satellite 22 West C-Band

As the countdown to AFCON 2024 begins, football fans can plan their viewing experience with confidence, knowing that they have an array of free-to-air options at their disposal.

This initiative not only celebrates the spirit of the sport but also ensures that the magic of AFCON reaches every corner of the globe, fostering a sense of unity and excitement among supporters worldwide.

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