NPFL Live App streaming prices revealed – Here’s how much you must pay

NPFL Live App streaming prices revealed – Here’s how much you must pay
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It is no longer news that AI-powered cameras have been strategically placed in 10 NPFL stadiums across the country to facilitate live streaming of matches from the 2023/24 league season.

Propel Sports Africa who are the broadcasting partner for the NPFL are responsible for this innovation; they're interested in seeing the league grow far beyond its current state.

The NPFL live streaming app is now available for download on the app store for Android users for now.

Although, the new NPFL kick-off date is still shrouded in mystery as the league board has not given another date for the commencement of the season.

But when the season begins, matches will be streamed live as these innovative cameras employ the same cutting-edge technology as those used to stream the best leagues in Europe.

The AI new camera technology enhances accessibility to match viewing and also reduces cost to an affordable level.

They come with a lot of analytics designed for coaches and potential sports marketing usage, all these will help to change the viewing experience of Nigerian fans from previous seasons.

The unveiling of this remarkable advancement took place during a ceremony in Ilorin, where live streaming equipment was installed at the Kwara State Stadium.

Importance of NPFL Live App streaming AI cameras

The state-of-the-art cameras which are sourced from Pixalot, a renowned South African company, are equipped with four lenses in each facility.

These lenses effectively cover both ends of the field, while two additional lenses will take footage of the action on the pitch.

The system accommodates commentary, featuring provisions for two commentators to engage in English or local languages, including pidgin.

Propel Sports Africa is poised to elevate the viewing experience even further.

Plans are also underway to install two additional cameras behind the goalposts, along with a roving camera ahead of the league's kick-off.

This enhancement is particularly noteworthy because the existing camera installations in the 10 stadiums currently capture action from just one perspective.

Unlike traditional manually operated cameras, the AI-powered cameras that will be used in the NPFL dynamically tracks the movement of the ball, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the game.

Matches recorded by these cameras are seamlessly uploaded to the cloud, facilitating access for international audiences.

Football fans beyond Nigeria’s borders will now be able to enjoy NPFL matches without geographical limitations.

Kobbani went on to underscore the significant sports marketing potential that accompanies this groundbreaking package.

He anticipates that NPFL highlights will be widely disseminated through platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, providing a global showcase for Nigerian football.

How much can fans pay to be able to stream NPFL matches?

As revealed by the chairman of Propel Sports Africa Basil Kobbani, subscriptions as low as ₦120 to ₦200 per match can give fans access to stream matches on weekends.

Going by this, it means that streaming NPFL live actions will become seamless and very attractive as this prospect will make the league gather followership and a sense of appeal amongst Nigerian fans.

In review, Kobbani’s vision for Propel Sports Africa’s AI-enhanced camera technology stands to redefine the NPFL viewing experience, making it more inclusive, captivating, and accessible to a global audience.

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