Onyinyechi Zogg – Salary, net worth, boyfriend, tribe

Onyinyechi Zogg – Salary, net worth, boyfriend, tribe
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Discover key insights into Super Falcons' Onyinyechi Zogg's world: from her salary and net worth to her romantic status and cultural background. Get a closer look at the life of this remarkable footballer.

Onyinyechi Zogg profile

Born on 3 March 1997 in Bern, Switzerland, Onyinyechi Salome Zogg has emerged as a formidable presence in the world of women's football. A talented defender, she currently dons the jersey of Turbine Potsdam, showcasing her prowess on the field. With a height of 1.72 meters (5 feet 8 inches), Zogg's commanding presence complements her skills as a defender.

Onyinyechi Zogg origins

Hailing from a multicultural background, Zogg's father is Swiss while her mother hails from Nigeria. Growing up in Bern, she imbibed the values of both nations, which undoubtedly contribute to her versatility and global appeal.

“It’s just like it’s a part of me, I love the country, Coach Randy called me up for the games against USWNT and Jamaica in June and I was so excited to make the cut. I love the culture, I love the food with my favorite being fufu,” the defender expressed.

Onyinyechi Zogg career

Educational pursuits and early career

Zogg's journey in football was fortified by her education at Monroe College in the United States, a pivotal chapter that honed her skills and set her on a path towards greatness. As her talent flourished, she embarked on her club career, leaving her mark on several Swiss teams.

A club journey across borders

Her club journey took her through several Swiss teams, where she showcased her skills and dedication. Zogg's presence was felt at BSC Young Boys, Femina Kickers Worb, FC Bethlehem, and Zürich. Her commitment and contributions to these clubs have left an indelible imprint, underscoring her importance in the teams' strategies.

Making strides in international arena

Representing Nigeria at the international level, Zogg's skills shone on a grander stage. On 10 June 2021, she made her senior debut for Nigeria in a friendly against Jamaica. While she did not secure a spot in the FIFA 2023 Women's World Cup, her international journey has just begun, and her determination is bound to make her a prominent figure in the future.

The current chapter: Turbine Potsdam

At present, Zogg is an integral part of Turbine Potsdam, a club that recognizes her potential and contributions. As she dons the number 29 jersey, her every move on the field reflects her passion, dedication, and unyielding commitment to the game.

Onyinyechi Zogg net worth

As of current information, Onyinyechi Zogg's net worth is estimated to be approximately €1 million (~$1 million USD), according to available sources.

While her financial standing is modest at this point, her promising career trajectory suggests significant potential for growth in the future. Onyinyechi Zogg has already secured her partnership with Puma.

With a bright path ahead, including the possibility of improved contracts, lucrative sponsorships, and escalating salaries, there is no doubt that Zogg's net worth is poised to witness substantial expansion as she continues to excel in her football journey.

Onyinyechi Zogg salary

Onyinyechi's professional commitment lies with the esteemed German team, Potsdam. While the precise details of her current salary remain undisclosed, it's widely anticipated that her earnings will experience a significant surge with her next improved contract.

Onyinyechi Zogg boyfriend

As of 2023, Onyinyechi Zogg's romantic life remains a subject of speculation and intrigue. The FFC Turbine Potsdam defender appears to maintain a private stance on her love life, as no official confirmation or public statements have been made regarding a partner.

While she did share a photo with a gentleman on her social media, suggesting a potential date, nothing definitive can be concluded. Notably, Zogg has not displayed any history of previous relationships on her social media platforms, interviews, or mainstream media.

Onyinyechi Zogg remains unmarried, with no children as of now.

Onyinyechi Zogg Instagram

In an age where athletes engage with fans and followers beyond the playing field, Onyinyechi Zogg, the gifted footballer, has established her digital footprint on Instagram.

You can find her at the handle @onyinyechiz29, where she provides a glimpse into her world both on and off the pitch.

With a growing community of over 20,000 followers, Zogg's Instagram offers an exclusive portal for fans to witness her journey, achievements, and candid moments.

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