₦39.3 million – the highest paid Super Falcons player salary

₦39.3 million – the highest paid Super Falcons player salary
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Asisat Oshoala, the renowned Nigerian footballer, has cemented her status as the highest-paid Super Falcons player.

With an estimated net worth of around $3 million, Oshoala is the wealthiest female footballer in Nigeria, thanks to her long-standing career spanning over a decade and lucrative endorsement deals from leading brands.

The talented forward, known for her exceptional speed and goal-scoring prowess, has not only achieved great success on the pitch but has also reaped substantial financial rewards from her endeavours.

Her remarkable achievements have elevated her position globally as a prominent figure in women's football.

What is Asisat Oshoala's salary?

While the exact figures of Oshoala's salary at Barcelona remain undisclosed, there is speculation that she earns approximately £10,500 per week, translating to £40,000 monthly.

This salary reflects her invaluable contributions to the Spanish club, where she has demonstrated her exceptional talent and garnered recognition as one of the best players in the women's game.

Asisat Oshoala, the new MultiChoice brand ambassador

It is worth noting that Oshoala's financial success is not solely driven by her sporting achievements. MultiChoice Nigeria has recently announced her appointment as their brand ambassador.

This collaboration is part of MultiChoice's ‘Here For Her' SuperSport campaign, which aims to promote and support female sport. Oshoala's exceptional talent and remarkable achievements on the field made her the perfect choice for this role.

Her partnership with MultiChoice Nigeria will amplify the campaign's message and contribute to the growth and recognition of female sports in Nigeria.

Oshoala's involvement in this initiative further solidifies her position as an influential figure in women's football and a strong advocate for gender equality in sport.

Asisat Oshoala Foundation

Despite her financial success, Oshoala remains grounded and dedicated to giving back to society. In 2019, she established the Asisat Oshoala Foundation, a philanthropic organisation aimed at empowering female footballers across Africa.

The foundation's flagship event, the Asisat Oshoala Foundation Football4girls competition, is held annually in Lagos and serves as a platform to discover and nurture talented young female footballers.

Through her foundation, Oshoala strives to break down barriers and promote gender equality in football. By empowering young girls and providing them with opportunities to showcase their skills, she hopes to inspire the next generation of female football stars in Africa and beyond.

Oshoala's dedication to philanthropy reflects her generosity and her commitment to using her platform for positive change. As she continues to excel on the football field and accumulate wealth, she remains steadfast in her mission to uplift and empower others, particularly young girls who aspire to pursue their dreams in the football world.

With her extraordinary achievements, financial success, and philanthropic endeavours, Oshoala has undeniably emerged as a trailblazer and role model, both on and off the pitch. Her rise to become the highest-paid Super Falcons player exemplifies her talent, resilience, and unwavering commitment to excellence, making her an inspiration for aspiring footballers worldwide.

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