Patrick Vieira Picked To Take Over Mikel Arteta’s Job At Arsenal

Mikel Arteta should never have been appointed manager of Arsenal, that is the belief of Former Arsenal defender William Gallas.

Gallas thinks Patrick Vieira should be the man to replace Arteta as his ‘revolution' has crumbled this season, his side sitting 15th in the Premier League without a win in their last six top flight matches.

Speaking to Ladbrokes, Gallas said: ‘What's going on at Arsenal? It's a question I think everybody has asked this season. I don't know the answer.

‘I think maybe the issue at the moment is that Mikel Arteta is not the right manager. For me he doesn't have that experience to manage a big club.

‘I was surprised when he came in, to be honest – even as Pep Guardiola's assistant – you need experience as a manager to come in to a club like Arsenal. You need to know how to manage 25 players.

The Frenchman added: ‘When they chose Mikel Arteta to come in and replace Unai Emery, in my mind Patrick Vieira was the name I thought they should have gone for. I don't know how close he was or if he was in the running at all, but I was surprised they didn't even mention his name.

‘Patrick has more experience than Mikel, because he's managed in America and he spent time at Nice.

‘So when the Arsenal board decided to pick a new manager I thought Patrick would get the call. He was captain of Arsenal and he knows the club very well. Patrick was the right guy then.

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‘If they have to sack Mikel Arteta, they have to choose Patrick Vieira to replace him, and I'm sure all the fans would love it.'

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