Man United vs Man City: Louis van Gaal Exposes Pep Guardiola’s key tactical weakness

Man United vs Man City: Louis van Gaal Exposes Pep Guardiola’s key tactical weakness

It’s been quite some years since Louis van Gaal took charge of Manchester United.

During his time at Old Trafford, Van Gaal was always criticised for Man United’s style of play and performances.

Since leaving the Theatre of Dreams, The former United boss has steered clear of another club management role.

Instead, Van Gaal now often appear on Dutch TV where he’s a pundit for Ziggo Sports.

Louis van Gaal reveals Manchester City’s key tactical weakness

A video has now gone viral on social media of LVG revealing Man City’s key tactical weakness.

The language used on the video is Dutch, however, Louis van Gaal’s main point is easy to grasp.

Gaal believes that Man City’s main weakness is that they are too vulnerable in defensive transitions.

Put another way, when opponents are able to break at the City backline, Pep Guardiola’s men are often understaffed.

Instances of Man City’s defensive problems

LVG in his analysis flagged up a number of examples of when Man City’s backline were exposed.

During City’s match against Everton, Van Gaal showed how the Sky Blues committed lots of players in their attacks that it leaves their defenders in a ‘one-vs-one’ situations.

Van Gaal then showed how Crystal Palace exploited Man City’s defensive weakness.

The Eagles, of course, bet at the Sky Blues 3-2 at the Etihad Stadium.

In his illustration, Van Gaal showed how Man City were left two vs two when Andros Townsend lead a Palace counter-attack.

See full video below:

This Louis v Gaal analysis was so, so good. Mainly said City is extremely vulnerable in defensive transition as only a few players are behind the ball most of the time. Because they score so much, no one talks about it, but Palace made use of it expertly.

— Sjors van Veen (@SjorsvVeen) January 4, 2019

Louis van Gaal concluded his analysis showing how Liverpool punished Man City last season.

In that instance, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain took advantage of the open space as City committed men forward.

The Ox scored with a superb long-range hit.

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