Plaudits troop in for Nigeria’s Calvin Bassey

Plaudits troop in for Nigeria’s Calvin Bassey

Nigeria’s Calvin Bassey has received praises from Dutch football and Ajax great Frank De Boer and current Ajax teammate Daley Blind.

The Dutch football football manager described the former Rangers man as a fantastic signing.

“I’ve been really impressed by Bassey. He was unlucky to be sent-off in the Super Cup,” he said per the Daily Record.

”He started the game well and we have already had the people who thought he was just a big lump, charging around kicking people, changing their opinions.

“He gives Ajax strength and speed and on the ball he’s alright. Of course he can still improve on that part of his game but I think he showed in the last few games that he’s undroppable. Together with Jurrien Timber, they make a great couple in defence.”

In addition, De Boer said; “Rangers won’t be looking forward to meeting him again. I thought he was one of the best players in the Europa League final, he was unbelievable.

“He’s still very young so it’s a great signing for Ajax. He has some rough edges but Ajax is the perfect place to polish those up. He’ll come under the wing of Daley Blind and be taught the Ajax philosophy, which is to play the ball along the ground and make combinations.”

On his part, former Manchester United defender and Ajax vice-captain Daley Blind has spoken highly about the excellent qualities of youngster Calvin Bassey on the eve of Ajax’s UEFA Champions League meeting with Glasgow Rangers.

“Already we can see that he (Calvin Bassey) is a big talent,” Blind told the Daily Record.

“We can see he is strong and enjoys the physical side of the game – but he is also comfortable on the ball and playing out from the back – and that is the style of football threat we try to play at Ajax.

“Rangers must take credit for the player he is and his development. He is a young player and as a young player it is so important where you can be at a club where you will play and where they obviously want to develop you – and Rangers was that club for him. Now he is at Ajax we hope his development can go up a level and he can become one of the best defenders in Europe.”

Rangers will be at Ajax’s Johan Cruyff Arena in the Champions League and Bassey expected to start the game.


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