Pogba Buys 17,000 Euros Rottweiler As Bodyguard

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According to The Sun, Paul Pogba wants to increase his security measures and has bought himself a Rottweiler for 17,000 euros to use as a bodyguard.

His possible Man United exit in the summer prompted some fans to take justice into their own hands.

The Frenchman’s house was graffitied and he even received death threats.

This has caused the CM to become more careful when off the pitch. And his latest purchase, a Rottweiler, has a lot to do with it.

It was one of the dog’s careers, Richard Douglas, who posted on social media that Pogba had bought the dog.

Pogba Buys Rottweiler As Bodyguard

“Always sad saying goodbye”, he posted.

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“Another handover done and one lucky pooch”, Douglas added, who has also sold Rottweilers to two of Pogba’s friends, Phil Neville, and Marcus Rashford.

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