Predictions In Soccer: More Than Just Intuition

Predictions In Soccer: More Than Just Intuition

From its beginnings, soccer has been restructured from a rough game of contact, without established rules, to practice with a defined purpose and well-defined rules that allow to practice it responsibly.

It has become so popular that it is played in places that do not even have the necessary (social) conditions to do so.

Currently, the use of technology in this sport is increasing, as well as tools that are used in the field and by the players themselves.

Among the most outstanding techniques are artificial intelligence and big data, a system that compiles information on the players and teams of the world allowing to know their performance.

Another very important technique that is being applied is video refereeing (VAR), which is done at the request of the referee in the event of an incident that is not clear, which allows the referee to watch it again on video and make the most appropriate decision.

All these technologies improve the experience in the practice of the game and also offers greater assurance that the results are being respected.

These security factors make soccer one of the sports where bets are made. Of course!

In addition to the great number of teams that exist in the world and the different leagues.

When making a bet, many people and especially the less professional ones, rely on predictions.

That is, they make a forecast of what is going to happen in a game. Something that seems easy, but it isn't.


In every soccer game, if you choose to bet on the total result, you have a 50% chance of winning and a 50% chance of losing.

But if you take into account other aspects and leave intuition aside, that positive percentage can increase.

Which aspects should you take into account?

Don't leave your bet to chance. You can analyze past events to predict what might happen.

That is to say, study the statistics of the last game in which these teams have faced each other and compare it with the current situation of each one of them.

For example, player conditions, scoring ability, recent performance drops, among others.

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Another factor you must control very well is your fanaticism. Don't get carried away by your preference for one team to perform a soccer prediction.

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