Premier League Explain New Handball Law And Give VAR Update

Premier League officials have explained the new handball law concerning a player’s armpit and VAR changes for the new campaign.

The 2020/21 season gets underway this weekend, with Liverpool looking to defend their title.

But all 20 teams will have to deal with the challenges brought on by VAR.

But organisers have now cleared issues up in their latest update on rules concerning handballs and the shoulder.

A statement from the organisation reads: “Incidents where the ball hits the shoulder should not be penalised.

“IFAB have also issued a reminder that a player cannot score a goal with their arm, even if it is accidental.

“An accidental handball by an attacking player or team-mate will only be penalised if it occurs immediately before a goal or a goalscoring opportunity.

“If an attacking player accidentally touches the ball with their hand or arm and then scores a goal, or the ball goes to another attacking player and they immediately score, this is a handball offence.”

While the organisers have also address the changes to how handballs will be interpreted in the VAR room at Stockley Park.

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The statement continues: “But it is not a handball offence if after an accidental handball the ball travels some distance via a pass or a dribble, or there are several passes before the goal or goalscoring opportunity.”

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