‘Ronaldo & Messi’s Current Barbers Are Doing A “Terrible” Job !’ – Alsanawi

‘Ronaldo & Messi’s Current Barbers Are Doing A “Terrible” Job !’ - Alsanawi

A famous barber, Ahmed Alsanawi said that Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s haircuts are annoying.

In a recent exclusive interview with The Sportsman, Alsanawi commented on Ronaldo and Messi’s haircut and to everybody’s surprise, what Alsanawi had to say wasn’t that good.

According to Alsanawi, he believes that Ronaldo and Messi’s current barbers are doing a “terrible” job with their superstar clients.

He also noted that if he will be given a chance, he would be pleased to put some swag on the soccer icons’ hairstyles.

“I would love to do Messi and Ronaldo’s hair,” Alsanawi admitted.

Alsanawi then went full-blast on the hairstyles of both superstars emphasizing that he didn’t mean any disrespect but the way Ronaldo and Messi’s current hairstyles were “annoying.”

“Whoever they’re going to, I don’t know man. No disrespect to their barber but to have that profile and not have a good haircut is annoying,” Alsanawi added.

The famous barber is not only credited for giving Paul Pogba a one-of-a-kind hairstyle. When asked about what his claim to fame was, Alsanawi recalled the compelling story behind it.

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As per Alsanawi, aside from Pogba, he also cut the hair of the France team before they won the World Cup. And after the win, the team dedicated the victory to him and the rest is history.

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