Super Falcons begin preparations for Ethiopia showdown in Paris 2024 Qualifier

Super Falcons begin preparations for Ethiopia showdown in Paris 2024 Qualifier
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Excitement is brewing among football enthusiasts and supporters of the Nigeria Super Falcons as the highly anticipated clash against Ethiopia in the Paris 2024 Qualifier 2nd leg draws near.

After a closely contested 1-1 draw in Addis Ababa, the Super Falcons are gearing up to take on their Ethiopian counterparts at the Abuja National Stadium on Monday, October 30, 2023.

This match holds immense significance as it represents a pivotal step in their quest for a ticket to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

In the first leg of the qualifier, held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia grabbed an early 6th-minute lead through Birkie Amara, sending a shockwave through the Super Falcons' camp.

However, the Nigerian team rallied and displayed their resilience as Rasheedat Ajibade equalized shortly after the break, securing a hard-fought draw.

Now, the focus shifts to the second leg, where Nigeria will look to secure a victory on home soil.

For the Super Falcons, Olympic qualification has remained elusive for an extended period, with their last successful qualification dating back 15 years to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

This makes the upcoming clash with Ethiopia all the more crucial as a victory would propel them to the next stage of the qualifiers.

One key factor that could work in Nigeria's favor is the value of the away goal scored in Addis Ababa.

Knowing that an away goal provides an advantage in their bid to reach the third qualifying round, the Super Falcons will be eager to capitalize on this as they prepare to face Ethiopia in Abuja.

The importance of securing a win at home cannot be overstated, and it will be the driving force for the Nigerian team as they enter this decisive phase of the competition.

The road to Olympic qualification is fraught with challenges, and the Super Falcons understand the significance of every match in this journey.

Should they overcome Ethiopia in this crucial showdown, they will progress to the next round, where they will face the winner of the clash between Cameroon and Uganda.

Cameroon and Uganda have also proven to be formidable opponents in their own right.

Uganda, in particular, demonstrated remarkable strength by defeating Cameroon 2-0 on their home turf.

This result has set the stage for a riveting face-off between the Super Falcons and their next adversary in this thrilling Olympic quest.

As fans eagerly await the showdown at the Abuja National Stadium, the Super Falcons are hard at work on the training ground, honing their skills, and strategizing to secure a crucial victory.

The dream of Olympic qualification is within their reach, and with the determination and dedication they've shown, they are well-positioned to make history once more.

It's not just a match; it's a mission to Paris 2024, and the Super Falcons are ready to soar.

Nigerians urged to support Super Falcons

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In a rallying cry to the nation, Ibrahim Gusau, the president of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), has called upon all Nigerians to throw their support behind the Super Falcons as they embark on their journey to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Gusau, with unwavering determination, expressed his commitment to building upon the successes of the national team, especially their remarkable performance in the World Cup, and he sees Olympic qualification as a significant milestone.

As the Super Falcons gear up for their crucial clash against Ethiopia in the Paris 2024 CAF Qualifier 2nd leg, President Gusau acknowledges that the NFF and the team cannot achieve this goal in isolation.

It is the collective responsibility of all Nigerians to stand by their team and show unwavering support, and one way to do that is by filling the stadiums and cheering the girls to victory.

Gusau emphasized the pivotal role that fans play in boosting the morale of the Super Falcons.

He stated, “These girls need the support of everybody, and one of the ways Nigerians must show they support the team is by coming out to watch the team and cheer them on.”

Gusau believes that the impact of this support cannot be understated, as it has the power to invigorate the players, instilling in them the determination to perform their best when playing in front of their home crowd.

Indeed, the presence of passionate fans in the stadium creates an electrifying atmosphere that can inspire athletes to achieve extraordinary feats.

It fosters a sense of unity and pride, not only for the team but for the entire nation.

The Super Falcons, who have represented Nigeria with distinction on the international stage, deserve the full backing of their fellow citizens.

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