Thugs Make Demand From Paul Gascoigne With Gun To His Head In Toilet

Paul Gascoigne was left fearing for his life after a thug grabbed him round the throat and put a gun to his head before demanding he performed an action on the pitch.

The incident occurred during his time in Scotland with Rangers, and it led to him fearing for his life following a backlash from rival supporters.

However, the incident in question went far beyond his usual banter on the pitch, and he has now revealed how it all came about, and how he was completely unaware of the disruption it would cause.

In January of 1998, Gazza courted serious controversy by miming the playing of a flute after scoring in an Old Firm clash against Celtic at Parkhead.

The England and Tottenham hero insisted that he didn’t know of it’s symbolic association with the flute-playing of Orange Order marchers, and he was fined £20,000 by Rangers.

In addition, Gascoigne received a death threat from an Irish Republican Army member.

The Englishman has now spoken about the incident, and how he was threatened into doing it.

In the trailer for his appearance on Anything Goes With James English, Gascoigne said: “I went to the toilet in the dark, it must have been about 2 o’clock.

“I touched the door handle and the next thing I know, I’ve got someone with their hand round my neck and a gun to my head. He just said: ‘if you score, do the sash.’

“I said: ‘what’s the sash?’ He said what it was and he showed us, and he said the fans would love it. And I thought, I’d do anything for the fans.”

Gascoigne had previously said of the celebration: “I didn’t have a clue what it was about when I did it.

 “Then I saw the papers and oh my God – IRA. I got death threats for it. For a while I was ******* a brick.

“The police came to see me, gave me something to look under my car for bombs and everything.”

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He later added: “If there was any team I’d love to go back and play for it, Rangers would be the one.”

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