Tottenham Star Son Heung-Min Reveals A Secret On Him Not Marrying

Son Heung-Min Not Marrying

Much less is known about Tottenham Star Son Heung-min life away from the pitch.

The 28-year-old reportedly dated Korean singers Bang Min-ah and Yoo So-young in the past but he is currently thought to be single.

Son previously explained how his father advised him against getting married until he has retired, something the Spurs forward agrees with.

Speaking to the Guardian last year, Son said: “My father says this and I agree, as well.

“When you marry, the number one will be family, wife and kids, and then football.

“I want to make sure that while I play at the top level, football can be number one.

“You don’t know how long you can play at the top level.

“When you retire, or when you are 33 or 34, you can still have a long life with your family.”

In the same interview, it is put to Son that many managers prefer their players to get married and settle down.

The Tottenham ace replied: “Yeah, because there are many opportunities to do things off the pitch, like drinking or something like this.

“But I am not the type that likes doing this stuff. I just want to make sure I make everyone happy by playing at the top level.

“For example, when I play for Spurs at Wembley, how many Korean flags do you see?

“I want to keep my level as high as possible for as long as I can, to pay back to them. This is very important for me.

“Do I feel like an ambassador for my country? Of course, I have to be.

“Another example: when we play at 3pm, it’s midnight in Korea. When we play in the Champions League at 8pm, it’s five in the morning and they still watch on TV.

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“I have to pay back; I take a lot of responsibility.”

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