Trouble As Zlatan Ibrahimovic Name And Face Is Used On FIFA 21 Without Permission

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has demanded an investigation be conducted on FIFA 21, alleging EA Sports ‘used his name and face without permission’.

The 39-year-old took to Twitter tonight to question why his likeness is being used in the popular video game.

FIFA games are released each year, with the latest instalment coming out on October 5.

But the AC Milan superstar is more concerned with knowing how his name and face worked their way into EA Sports’ systems.

Ibrahimovic tweeted: “Who gave FIFA EA Sport permission to use my name and face? @FIFPro?

“I’m not aware to be a member of Fifpro and if I am I was put there without any real knowledge through some weird manoeuvre.

“And for sure I never allowed @FIFAcom or Fifpro to make money using me.

“Somebody is making profit on my name and face without any agreement all these years.

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“Time to investigate.”

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