Visitor Reveals Details Of Ronaldinho Being ‘Sad’ In Prison

Ronaldinho ‘Sad’ In Prison

Ronaldinho is not happy at all about his situation after being jailed in Paraguay for using false documents to enter the country.

The 2004 and 2005 FIFA World Player of the Year has been detained since March 5 after he and his brother were caught at their hotel in Paraguay with fake passports and identity cards.

According to Metro, former Paraguay striker Nelson Cuevas has visited Ronaldinho since his arrest and has revealed how the Barcelona and Brazil legend is coping.

‘He is sad. Hopefully, he can get out soon,’ Cuevas told Infobae. ‘He is just sad because of the situation.

‘His lawyers are handling the rest. Hopefully, he can get out of there soon.’

Paraguay’s Interior Minister, Euclides Acevedo, had claimed that the facility where Ronaldinho is being held ‘is not a prison’ and suggested the building was ‘almost a hotel’.

Ronaldinho Pictured Jail Fake Passports

And Cuevas agreed that Ronaldinho was comfortable despite being detained.

‘In comparison to other penitentiaries, yes. But it’s not what he’s used to,’ he said.

‘The place is big and he was able to play football.

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‘He is with his brother in a room with two beds.’

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