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Awareness about the NPFL is growing amongst millions of Nigerians in the last few years, especially on how improvement has been made towards repositioning the league to run in conjunction with the other big leagues in the world.

The league has witnessed considerable turnouts in stadiums from football fans and fans of various NPFL clubs who love to see the actions take place right before their eyes.

The league's management, chaired by Honourable Elegbeleye and his trusted staff, put up a smooth running of the league last season together with the sponsors and strategic partners of the local league.

With the good work set to continue into the new 2023/24 NPFL season, fans will be excited about the prospect of an improved number of games being streamed on TV and live streaming apps as the league's strategic partners, GTI, and sponsors, have set aside funds to get many of the league's matches brought to the audience of Nigerians on TV and other platforms.

And just in case you're wondering how you can stream your favourite club when they're in action, we've got you covered because in this article, we'll be bringing you accurate information on how you can stream NPFL games on TV and streaming apps.

How to watch NPFL matches live in Nigeria

MultiChoice, the South African company that operates DSTV, a major satellite television service in Sub-Saharan Africa and GOTV, a minor service operating in over nine countries of the continent and Showmax service, will be bringing live actions from the NPFL to millions of Nigerians.


SuperSport brings you live actions from the NPFL to your TV screens through DSTV.

Subscribing to more SuperSport channels on your DSTV decoder gives you better options to watch as many NPFL matches as the new season is set to begin in August.

You will also have access to watch matches from other big leagues of the world, from the EPL to La Liga and also the Serie A.


GOTV is an affordable terrestrial platform and a compatriot to DSTV. GOTV broadcasts all channels from DSTV Access and some from DSTV Compact packages in 11 Sub-Saharan African countries, including Nigeria.

If you're a GOTV subscriber, you can catch actions from your favourite team by navigating to the SuperSport channels on your GOTV.

It is always advisable to subscribe to packages that give you full broadcast of live matches. You don't only get to watch NPFL games, but actions from the EPL also come to your TV screen through your GOTV.


The Nigerian Television Authority broadcasts some of the matches live to millions of Nigerians on their TV station through the channel “NTA Sports 24”.

All you have to do is follow up the NPFL social media pages for latest fixtures on weekends or check football apps for Nigerian league fixtures and get to know the time of kick-off of some of the big games in the league.

Watch NPFL games on Apps


The NPFL TV app is a streaming app that allows subscribers to watch matches for as low as ₦1,500 per month. It comes with a seven days free trial.

You can get the app by opening your Play Store or App Store, search and download. After downloading, you do the required registration, subscribe and begin streaming live actions from the NPFL


DSTV App is a subsidiary of Multichoice and it's a service that delivers television transmission to mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones and notebooks.

If you're not available at your home or office to watch actions from the NPFL, anywhere you are you can still catch up with your favourite NPFL match.

If you don't have the DSTV app installed on your mobile devices, you can quickly download from the app store, subscribe and stream live matches from the NPFL.

The app is compatible with your Android and iOS devices.


Just like the DSTV app, the GOTV app follows a similar procedure. If you're a GOTV subscriber and are not at home watching the games on TV, you can use the app and stream the actions as your favourite team takes to the field.

If you don't have it already installed on your phone, no need to worry. Navigate into your app store and download the app, register your details, subscribe and stream live actions.

You also get to enjoy other services from this platform, including entertainment, news and politics.

NPFL YouTube

Apart from the abovementioned platforms, matches will also be streamed live on YouTube by The Nigeria Football Fund (TNFF).

All you have to do is enter YouTube, search for an NPFL-TNFF YouTube channel, and begin streaming live actions from the league.

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