What is wildcard in FPL? Fantasy League trick explained

What is wildcard in FPL? Fantasy League trick explained
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What is wildcard in FPL? Uncover how this strategic chip allows unlimited transfers without point deductions.

Learn when and how to wield it for a tactical advantage. Master the art of reshaping your Fantasy Premier League team.

What is wildcard in FPL?

A wildcard in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is a game-changing chip that provides managers with a unique opportunity to revamp their team without any negative consequences.

Unlike the limitations of regular transfers, a wildcard empowers FPL managers to make a multitude of changes in a single gameweek, enabling them to reshape their squad according to their strategic vision and tactical insights.

The power of the wildcard

Considered the most potent chip in the FPL arsenal, the Wildcard allows managers to navigate the unpredictable waters of the Premier League with finesse.

This means that even if your team is struggling to make a mark or injury concerns are plaguing your lineup, the wildcard can be employed as a tactical masterstroke to bring in fresh talent and rearrange the playing field.

Strategic deployment of the wildcard

Suppose your team's performance has been underwhelming, and the once-reliable players are struggling to deliver points.

In that case, the wildcard can be an invaluable lifeline. Managers can exploit the wildcard to usher in players who are hitting their stride, exploiting favorable fixtures, or demonstrating consistent form.

Additionally, it serves as a safety net to promptly eliminate underperforming or injured players who might otherwise drag your team's overall performance down.

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Sidestepping point deductions

Ordinarily, FPL managers are granted one free transfer per gameweek. If you wisely save a transfer from a previous gameweek, you can potentially make two free transfers.

However, any additional transfers beyond this allocation result in a 4-point penalty for each subsequent transaction.

The wildcard, however, nullifies this penalty, giving managers the freedom to construct an entirely new squad (within budget limits) without the fear of losing precious points.

When can the wildcard be employed?

The FPL season presents two distinct opportunities to unleash the wildcard chip. In the 2023/24 season, managers can exercise these options as follows:

  • 1st wildcard: Anytime before GW20 deadline
  • 2nd wildcard: Anytime after the GW20 deadline

Wildcard etiquette and limitations

While the wildcard offers a realm of possibilities, certain guidelines must be observed. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in missed opportunities or unintended consequences:

  • Unused wildcards: If wildcard chips are not activated within the designated time frame, they will expire, leaving managers without the chance to shake up their squad.
  • Irreversible Activation: Once a wildcard is activated, there's no turning back. Managers must commit to their choices and navigate the subsequent gameweeks accordingly.
  • Sole Chip Usage: In adherence to FPL rules, only one chip can be employed per gameweek. Consequently, the wildcard cannot be combined with other chips in a single gameweek.

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