10 Most Expensive Things Owned By Cristiano Ronaldo

Expensive Things Cristiano Ronaldo

As one of the greatest soccer players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to achieve everything imaginable.

With major endorsement and sponsorship deals, Ronaldo has become an incredibly rich man, and because of that he has been able to buy some very expensive things, and within this list, we will rank 10 examples of that.

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Most people own a watch but don’t cost $1.8 million as Ronaldo’s does.

Ronaldo even had a watch designed by Jacob and Co. The watch was customized, especially for Ronaldo and featured 424 white diamonds, with the timepiece reportedly costing $1.8 million, a huge sum of money for a watch.


Cristiano Ronaldo actually owns a wax statue of himself, worth $25,000.

The world-class soccer star first spotted the model in a Madrid museum, then hired the designer to make a replica.

The hair on the statue is natural, coming from India, with a stylist making sure it was perfect. Why he would want this or where he puts it is unknown.


Ronaldo is a good looking man, which is why he is often chosen for modelling shots and why brands constantly want to work with him, and a large reason for that is because of how he takes care of his appearance.


Having a cleaner to keep his houses looking fresh on a regular basis, ensuring that his luxury homes are always looking great, keeping his trophies looking fresh and clean so that they can look as good as possible in his cabinets.

It might not seem like a major expense, but when you own several properties that need to be maintained on a regular basis, things start to add up and need to be kept up.


Ronaldo is a big fan of fashion and that certainly extends down to his shoes, with the talented forward having a vast collection of shoes and sneakers, especially limited edition trainers which help him stand out even more, all of these set him back a pretty price.


Ronaldo was in the famous, Scott’s in Mayfair, London when he splashed $27,000 on two bottles of the most expensive red wines in just 15 minutes, sharing it with the table which shows that money isn’t too much of a problem for him.


Cristiano Ronaldo is also a well-known car enthusiast. He owns a Lamborghini Aventador, he also owns a Bentley, a Porsche, a Mercedes, and a Bugatti, making his garage be one to be envious of.


The Juventus star owns the Bugatti La Voiture Noire, which is actually the world’s most expensive car which cost the soccer star a sizeable fee of $18 million.


Cristiano Ronaldo currently owns a villa in La Finca, Madrid, which is worth $7.1 million.

The multi-millionaire athlete also has an apartment in Manhattan’s Trump Towers, which is worth $18.5 million as well as an apartment in Lisbon, Portugal.

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At the top of the list of expensive things Cristiano Ronaldo owns is his very own private jet, which is worth around $32 million and is capable of holding over a dozen people on any one flight.

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