Alex Iwobi – Salary, Net Worth, Wife, House, Cars

Alex Iwobi – Salary, Net Worth, Wife, House, Cars
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Explore the life of Alex Iwobi – delve into his biography, salary, net worth, marital status, luxurious abode, and impressive car collection. Uncover the intriguing facets of this Super Eagles sensation's lifestyle.

Alex Iwobi Biography

Alexander Chuka Iwobi is a prominent Nigerian professional footballer, renowned for his prowess as a midfielder. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, on 3 May 1996, Iwobi has soared to great heights, standing tall at a height of 1.80 meters (5 feet 11 inches).

He plays for both the Premier League club Fulham and Nigeria's Super Eagles, showcasing his exceptional skills and contributing significantly to their successes.

Alex Iwobi Early Life

Alex Iwobi's early life is a tale of cultural fusion and football heritage. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, his journey took a cross-continental turn when he relocated to England at the tender age of four, after a short interlude in Turkey.

Settling in Newham, London, Iwobi's formative years were infused with the vibrant energy of the city. However, his ties to the beautiful game run deep, as his maternal uncle is none other than the legendary former professional footballer, Jay-Jay Okocha. This familial connection to the sport undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping Iwobi's passion for football.


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Alex Iwobi Club Career


Alex Iwobi during his time with Arsenal
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Joining the Arsenal ranks while still in primary school, at the age of four, Iwobi's early commitment to the club was soon tested as he faced the brink of release not once but twice, at 14 and 16. 

His ascent to the first-team squad was marked by moments of anticipation and breakthrough. A debut as an unused substitute in a League Cup match in September 2013 set the stage for his eventual rise.

Alex Iwobi's Premier League debut followed, as he stepped onto the field as a substitute for Mesut Özil in a win against Swansea City. His participation in the Champions League and his crucial contributions in the FA Cup solidified his place within the squad.

Iwobi's transformative journey was marked by personal and professional milestones. A switch in squad number from 45 to 17 was emblematic of his growing influence within the team. Triumphs in the FA Cup and Community Shield showcased his prowess on the grand stage.

However, his time at Arsenal wasn't without its challenges, including facing allegations of misconduct and enduring racial comments from unexpected sources.

His resilience shone through, culminating in a significant moment when he found the back of the net in the 2019 UEFA Europa League Final, despite the outcome not favoring Arsenal. “Big 17”, as Iwobi was known at Arsenal, became an instrumental part of the Gunners side.

His commitment to the club remained unswayed, even after international endeavors, as he expressed his eagerness to return to club football. Throughout his journey at Arsenal, Iwobi's unwavering dedication and perseverance carved a unique path, making him a noteworthy presence both on and off the pitch.


Alex Iwobi of Everton during the warm up
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Completing his move to Everton on 8 August 2019, Iwobi penned a five-year contract that solidified his commitment to the club. The transfer, as reported by the BBC, involved an initial fee of £28 million, potentially rising to £34 million with additional incentives.


On the 2nd of September 2023, Alex Iwobi's journey in the world of football took an exciting turn as he penned a significant deal with Fulham.

The Nigerian international midfielder, known for his versatility and flair on the field, committed to a five-year contract that will keep him at Fulham until the summer of 2028.

This move marked a reunion with his former Everton manager, Marco Silva, under whose guidance Iwobi had showcased his skills and potential.

The transfer deal was no small feat, with a substantial valuation of up to €25 million ($27 million), signifying the trust and expectations placed on Iwobi's shoulders as he embarked on a new chapter in his football career.

As the ink dried on the contract, the footballing world eagerly awaited Iwobi's contributions to his new club, Fulham, in the years to come.

Alex Iwobi International Career

Alex Iwobi's international career has been a captivating journey marked by the decision to represent his birth country, Nigeria, despite initial ties to England's youth squads.

Beginning his youth international path with England, where he notably clinched the 2011 Victory Shield, Iwobi later chose to don the jersey of Nigeria, making his senior debut in a friendly against DR Congo.

His allegiance shift led him to become an integral part of Nigeria's national team, the Super Eagles.

From crucial goals to poignant moments, Iwobi's presence in the Nigerian squad has been impactful. His goal against Zambia secured Nigeria's place in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, where he featured prominently in the group stage matches.

Iwobi's aspirations extended beyond the World Cup, as he expressed a desire to follow in the footsteps of his uncle, Jay-Jay Okocha, by winning the Africa Cup of Nations. This aspiration brought him to the tournament in 2019, where he played with determination, showcasing his commitment to his country.

Iwobi's journey continued with his inclusion in the squad for the delayed 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, underscoring his enduring dedication to representing Nigeria on the international stage.

Alex Iwobi Salary

Alex Iwobi's weekly salary stands at an impressive £100,000, reflecting his stature as a prominent football talent and the recognition of his skills on the field.

Alex Iwobi Net Worth

Alex Iwobi's valuation has garnered attention from numerous online sources, placing it at an impressive €8.4 million, approximately ₦3.8 billion. His affiliation with Everton is governed by a five-year contract that yields an annual income of about €4 million.

Since his arrival at Everton in 2019, Iwobi's market value has experienced a consistent ascent. Presently, Transfermarkt evaluates the midfielder's market worth at an impressive €25.50 million, translating to roughly ₦11.51 billion in his local currency.

Notably, Iwobi secured a place of distinction in Forbes' 30 under 30 list in July 2019, underscoring his growing influence and prominence within the sports arena.

Alex Iwobi Wife

Currently, Alex Iwobi is not in a relationship.

Reports indicate that Iwobi was linked to 23-year-old model Erin Budina in the past. Prior to his connection with Erin, Iwobi was involved with model Clarisse Juliet.

However, their relationship came to an end some time ago due to allegations of infidelity made by Clarisse, resulting in their separation.

Alex Iwobi House

Details about the residence(s) owned by Iwobi remain relatively scarce. Yet, a glimpse into the star's opulent tastes is evident through a photograph of a lavish mansion in Nigeria that he possesses.

The undeniable aura of luxury that envelops the mansion resonates with his extravagant inclinations, a sentiment hardly unexpected considering his substantial earnings.

Alex Iwobi Hometown

As per Iwobi's father, Chuba, his Nigerian hometown is Onitsha in Anambra State. Iwobi finds himself in esteemed company, sharing this birthplace with Nigeria's inaugural President, Nnamdi Azikiwe.

Onitsha has nurtured a remarkable lineage of luminaries, among them mathematician Chike Obi, artistic virtuoso Ben Enwonwu, and trailblazer Emmanuel Ifeajuna, who secured the distinction of being the first black man to capture an Olympic gold medal.

Alex Iwobi Family

Alex Iwobi's lineage is enriched by his Nigerian father, Chuba Iwobi, a lawyer and former amateur player, while his mother is said to hail from a non-Nigerian background. In the familial tapestry, a cherished bond exists with his sister, Marie Iwobi.

Intriguingly, Iwobi's kinship extends to the illustrious figure of his maternal uncle, none other than the renowned Austin “Jay Jay” Okocha, whose fame resonates widely.

Alex Iwobi Cars

Demonstrating his signature flair, Iwobi has indulged in the acquisition of some impressive automobiles, a testament to his confident persona. Among these notable rides are a BMW convertible and a Mercedes convertible, each making appearances on distinct occasions.

During his courtship with Clarisse, reports surfaced that Iwobi displayed his affection by gifting both of them matching vehicles, further exemplifying his penchant for opulence.

On a different note, it's worth noting that Alex Iwobi has yet to embrace private jet ownership, as recent events reveal. The buzz surrounding a private jet stemmed from a rented aircraft he utilized for a vacation.

The spectacle stirred a considerable uproar within the Everton fan base, prompting mixed reactions due to perceived incongruities between his luxury showcases on social media and his on-field performance at the club.

Alex Iwobi Social Media

Instagram: @alexanderiwobi

Twitter: @alexiwobi

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