Top 5 Best Cashout Betting Sites In Nigeria (2024)

Top 5 Best Cashout Betting Sites In Nigeria (2024)
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Did you know there are some betting sites in Nigeria that have the best cashout when it comes to payouts for your winnings? Yes, there are. They don't joke with your money.

What is cashout and why is it crucial for punters?

The cashout feature essentially allows punters to redeem the current estimated value of a bet before all match events are over. The major benefit is that punters can make returns on their investments for the games that have already won in their bet slips.

Take these two recent bets I played on Betano for example. In the first slip, Galatasaray were level with Feyenoord at 1-1 by the 70th minute and I was confident they would at least win or draw (X2) to win the bet.

But the moment Galatasaray collected a red card, I realized that Feyenoord was more than capable of scoring another goal. So I cashed out the bet at 15x its value instead of 25x. Galatasaray eventually lost 4-1.

The same goes for the second slip. Panathinaikos were cruising to victory before they suddenly collected a red card and conceded a goal by the 64th minute.

It seemed highly unlikely that Panathinaikos would win the game with a man down, so I cashed out the bet at 10x its value instead of 74x. It turned out to be a good decision as Panathinaikos conceded 4 minutes later and drew 1-1 while Sporting CP eventually drew their game 3-3 some hours later.

So you see, without the cashout feature, I would’ve received nothing on my investments and efforts into making several highly accurate predictions.

Best cashout betting sites
Cashout examples on Betano

Another subtle but significant benefit of the cashout feature is that it allows punters to rectify mistakes in their bet slips before the games begin. For instance, I recall a time when I played a bet on 22bet and realized that I added the wrong game to the slip.

Now with the cashout feature, I could simply cash out the full amount, remove the wrong game, and replay the slip. But unfortunately, 22bet doesn’t support the standard cashout, so I couldn’t rectify the mistake and the wrong game eventually lost.

Not all bookmakers have the fastest payouts which is why I have highlighted 5 of the best cashout betting sites in Nigeria in this article.

So when next you want to place a bet, consider these sites below if you're interested in your cashouts – who wouldn't?

What should you consider when selecting the best cashout betting sites

Cashout availability for sports and betting markets

The first thing I consider when searching for the best cashout betting sites is their availability for sports and betting markets. This factor is important for punters like me who usually rely on the diversity of picks (based on the events) in our betting strategies.

So if an event or betting market isn’t available for cashout, we tend not to include them because they automatically suspend the cashout of an entire bet until that event has won. This simply means we cannot cash out until the event is over.

No cashout means we cannot make returns on games that have already won, and we cannot cut our losses if an event is losing. I learned this the hard way.

I recall one or two times where I had an open bet with several games won, some ongoing, and a few other games yet to be played. Now I usually monitor my open bets for cashout opportunities, and I was ready to cashout in this scenario. But the opportunity never arose because I added a betting market that wasn't available for cashout, thus suspending the bet.

Best cashout betting sites

Although the event that wasn’t available for cashout had won, a separate event playing simultaneously eventually lost. If the cashout was available, I could have taken some profit on the bet or cut my losses when the other event began to lose.

Check for partial cashout feature

You might be unfamiliar with the “Partial Cashout” feature because most Nigerian bookmakers don’t offer it. Nonetheless, it's a super-handy feature that top bookies like Sportybet and BetBonanza have begun adding to their platform.

As the name suggests, the partial cashout feature allows the bettor to take part of the available cashout money while leaving the rest as a stake for the original bet. Taking profit is a good idea because there’s no guarantee that the bet will eventually win.

So if you’re confident in your bet and want to go all the way but still make some guaranteed profit, use betting sites that offer Partial Cashout.

Check for the auto cashout feature

Monitoring your bets for cashout opportunities is a good idea, but you won’t always have time to do so, especially when you play multiple bets. That’s where the Auto Cashout feature comes in.

With the Auto Cashout feature, you set a desired “cashout amount”, and your bet will be automatically cashed out immediately after the bet’s current value reaches that amount. This allows you to take advantage of cashout opportunities without monitoring the bet.

I can see how the auto cashout feature can be helpful in betting strategies that require specific amounts of returns to make a profit.

Late cashout availability

Most bookies will lock the Cashout of a bet once any game in the slip hits the 90-minute mark, and that’s normal. But like me, you may prefer bookmakers who leave cashouts open until the final whistle is blown.

For example, in a 90-minute match with 7 minutes extra time, Sportybet will close cashout at 90 minutes, while bookies like Betano will almost always leave cashouts open until the 7-minute extra time is exhausted.

Leaving cashouts open until the final whistle is better for live bets as it allows us punters to take advantage of late-game drama. You know, those late winners, equalizers, and unexpected turnarounds that happen more often than not in our world of sports.

Tips for choosing the best cashout betting sites

Find bookies with clear cashout rules

For many bettors, it’s uncommon knowledge that not all betting markets are available for cashout. But this information so bettors know which betting markets or games will (or won’t) affect their cashout opportunities.

Some bookies like BetBonanza have realized this and now indicate the availability of cashout for each betting market directly on their match event selection page (see image below).

This simple indicator could've been helpful in the scenario I mentioned earlier, where I didn’t know that an event I selected was unavailable for Cashout. For other betting websites that don’t make this indication, you can find that information on their Terms & Conditions page and other cashout rules, which I'll advise you to look through.

Use reliable bookmakers

Bookmakers have total control of their platforms and may sometimes abuse that power for their benefit.

I once had a bookmaker limit my access to their site when there was a large cashout opportunity worth over 50x of my stake. I wasn’t so sure that the bookie was behaving shady at first, but I suspected it to be true when they let me back on the site just a few seconds after an event in the bet started losing, which dropped the cashout value massively.

Scenarios like this are why we always emphasize the need for sticking with reputable bookmakers, preferably ones with a license in your country to stay safe.

Cashout support for bonuses and promotions

Keep in mind that bookies usually have restrictions on using cashout for bonuses and promotions, such as their popular welcome bonus offers. So when searching for the best cashout betting sites, keep an eye out for the ones with fewer restrictions and support for other promos like daily cashbacks and free bets.

Speed of transactions

There are times when you may want to cashout a bet to make some profit while re-staking the rest on the remaining games. In these situations, it’s best to use a bookmaker that settles bets quickly and generally has fast transactions.

Use bookmakers with good live coverage

Remember that monitoring live games can help to inform your cashout decisions. But switching between multiple platforms to stay updated on a match can be time-consuming, which is the opposite of what we need during live games where every second matters.

So I’ll advise you to use betting sites with extensive live coverage of sports and events. Ideally, find a bookie that offers both in-game statistics and live-streaming. If there’s no live streaming, use a betting website with real-time live-match data on all events.

Five best cashout betting sites In Nigeria

1. Bet365 – overall best cashout booking site in Nigeria

Talk about a cashout bookie that ticks almost all the boxes. Bet 365 does! Little wonder, it is number one on this list of best cashout betting sites. It has a reputation for offering numerous markets for cashout.

And guess what? There's an option for everyone, depending on your particular needs. You can cash out on popular sports like soccer, cricket, and basketball or niche ones like darts and horseracing.

best cashout betting sites in Nigeria

Bet365 cashout feature is available on many selected fixtures, events, and sports markets. It doesn’t matter whether it is a pre-match or an inplay game. You can utilize it for a single bet or multiple bets.

What's more, the process is smooth and easy. You can do it from your browser on any device or use the Bet365 mobile applications for Android and IOS.

Aside from the full and partial cashout bet options offered on this site, you can also utilize the auto-cashout button. This one allows you to set a limit beforehand. Once your ticket attains the limit set during a game, it automatically cashes out, mitigating your potential loss.

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2. Bet9ja – popular cashout bookmaker

Bet9ja's popularity seems to hold no bounds and deservedly so. They have cemented their place as number two among the best cashout betting sites in Nigeria.

That is mainly because they offer a great partial and full cashout option. You can take advantage of them for selected pre-match and live fixtures if things are not going as you'd like.

Bet9ja Market

The good thing is you can use Bet9ja's cash out option for both single and accumulator bets. Although, you must win up to half of the games on your bet slip to be able to use it for the latter. Thankfully, you can cash out even when you have only one unconcluded game in your bet slip.

It is important to make your decision to cash out at the early stages of the game before it's too late. If you don't, there might be a significant change in the odds lowering your potential returns. Even worse, Bet9ja can end up removing the feature, temporarily or permanently from that market.

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3. Betway – a versatile cashout bookie

Betway is almost on the same footing as Merrybet on the list of best cashout betting sites in Nigeria. Although, some significant differences give them an edge over the latter.

best cashout betting sites in Nigeria

For example, the Betway cashout icon stands on the site, making it easy to locate. You'll see it marked bright green on bets, whether single or multiple. From there, you can fully cash out your bet or leave half your wager running.

Another outstanding difference is you can use the Betway cashout with your free bets. Even better, the returns are much more friendly than that of Merrybet.

Not to forget, Betway offers a wide range of sports markets for bettors. You can use the cashout on major sports events like football, rugby, tennis, and cricket. However, you must know that there's no guarantee that you'll get the cashout feature on every game. Look out for the CO logo to be sure.

Meanwhile, you can always consult customer service if you encounter any issue. For example, obtaining your cashout winnings. They offer 24/7 live support to all customers like all the other best cashout betting sites.

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4. Merrybet – fastest among the best cashout betting sites

Looking for a cashout bookie with fast withdrawals and payments? You can try out Merrybet. It is one bookmaker offering numerous payment options and works with most Nigerian banks. You need not wait long hours or days to withdraw your winnings.

best cashout betting sites in Nigeria

Like Betking, Merry Bet offers cashout for single and accumulator bets still in play. The only exception is if it's a free bet. Furthermore, you can choose between a partial cashout or a complete cashout.

If you perform the latter, your remaining balance forms a new stake. As such, you may eventually win the bet even though you have cashed out. A win-win situation it is!

The only downside is you can only use the partial cashout once on a ticket. Also, the returns may not be that attractive.

As for the full cashout option, it usually offers a higher value than the partial one. You can use it on any Merrybet slip that highlights it. However, it ends the bet once used. As such, the system will no longer process it, regardless of the final result. Also, you can get no bonus on that ticket.

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5. BetKing – one of the best cashout betting sites in Nigeria for competitive odds

Not all bookmakers in Nigeria offer the cashout option. So it's relieving to see a familiar bookie with the feature. BetKing is among the best cashout booking sites in Nigeria. They are known for serving competitive odds.

Betking Codes And Meaning

Besides that, they offer friendly returns to punters who use their cashout option. You can even get a payout higher than your initial stake, provided your game is not too far gone.

BetKing cashout feature caters to single and multiple bets but not to system bets. You can also use it for live and pre-match bets before the event starts. Thankfully, it may be available at any time of the day.

You need not wait or hesitate once you feel like cashing out on a game. Be it offline or online, via the web or your mobile app. You can swiftly cash out on that ticket that seems to be going the wrong way.

You only need to log in to your Bet King account. Then, enter your coupon code. Or click my bets. Select the ticket you want to cash out and tap proceed. Alternatively, you can walk into a Bet King shop branch and ask the cashier to do it.

The good thing is that your bet gets settled and paid once your cashout request is successful. However, note that the final result of the ticket will have no impact on the cashout amount paid. Neither will the bet count as a wager for a first deposit bonus.

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