Betway Affiliate Program In Nigeria: See How To Join

What is the Betway affiliate program? Allow me to explain it in the most basic way.


The Betway affiliate program is a partnership deal between Betway and some certain registered Betway users known as affiliate members.

It is a kind of partnership deal in which the Betting company provides affiliate members with tasks on marketing their brand in order to attract new Betway users.

An affiliate member that succeeds in bringing in a customer gets paid a fee or commission. This programme is also known as Betway partners.

It is a performance-based affiliate online programme that pays the affiliate a commission or fee for every customer acquired. In this program, the goal is for affiliates to get access to world-class marketing material and tracking tools and use them to attract new players (gamblers).

The brands to be promoted are top brands, making it much easier to get new players registered to Betway.

The program is extremely profitable, as long as the rules outlined are followed correctly.

At becoming a member, an experienced and skilled account manager will be assigned to give you guidance on how to efficiently and effectively reach your assigned goals.

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Why Join The Betway Affiliate Program

There are a lot of benefits associated with joining the Betway program, and one of them is the revenue share deals to gain as an affiliate.

If an affiliate attracts a visitor to Betway and the new user opens an account, commissions will be earned based on the revenue the player generates.

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The Betway commissions are outlined as follows:

For every 0-10 players attracted, the affiliate will earn 25% of the revenue each player generates for 11-40 players, 30% of the revenue generated by each of them will be credited to the affiliate.

For 41-100 players attracted, 35% of the revenue generated by each of them will be credited to the affiliate.

For 101+ players attracted, 40% of the revenue generated by each will be credited to the affiliate.

Apart from this highly profitable venture, an affiliate can still earn through other means.

Another means of earning as an affiliate is through the Second Tier feature.

Affiliates can earn additional commission by referring webmasters to become Betway Partners.

They will then will earn 2% of any net win generated by the players of the webmaster referred.

More information on this feature will be provided by the Manager assigned to each affiliate.

Finally, the payment of commission after attracting new users is instant.

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How To Join And Become Betway Affiliate Member?

To partner with Betway or become an affiliate, there are some requirements that must be fulfilled to make you eligible, and one of them is owning a Bet-related company.

To become an affiliate member, you will have to follow this link and click on the join now icon at the top of the screen. This will lead to a series of processes and steps, which are outlined below.

•  Fill in your personal details. You will be asked to fill in the information on your names, birth, and country.  

•  Fill in professional details. This field is next. You will have to fill in a company ID; name, website, and you will have to agree to their terms. After this, a mail on how to continue your registration will be sent to the provided address  

•  An account number will be sent to you in your mail, along with a link to complete your registration. Click on it. You will land on a page asking you to generate an account password.  

•  After password registration, you will be asked to log in. Use the link above and login with your account number or email address and password.  

• You can now choose your desired affiliate options and become a Betway partner.

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Joining the Betway affiliate program holds a lot of benefits as you will be able to earn while getting tips on how to grow your own company.

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