7 Best Free Sports Streaming Websites You Should Know About in 2021

7 Best Free Sports Streaming Websites You Should Know About in 2021

What are the best websites for streaming live sports for free? Due to the availability of the internet nowadays, the trend of watching live sports on streaming sites is on the rise.

Even on the go, people can watch their favorite sports on their mobile phones.

High-speed internet can allow users to stream events in high-definition quality.

Just like you research for the best internet prices such as Spectrum internet prices, it makes sense to look for the top streaming websites for sports in 2021.

If the task bores you, don’t worry.

You have come to the right place.

The following passages discuss the best free live sports streaming websites.

Seven Best Free Sports Streaming Websites


Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular free live sports streaming websites of 2021.

Here, you can gain access to a large variety of sports events taking place.

Furthermore, the website also provides one of the streaming services in HD.

A reliable internet connection that comes with high bandwidth speeds will allow you to watch high-definition and crystal-clear content.

The website is regarded by many as the best streaming website for Football events in particular.


On SportRAR, you can watch events related to Hockey, Football, Basketball, MotorSports, Golf, and Tennis.

The user interface of the website is user-friendly and highly responsive.

On the homepage, you can get information about all the popular live streaming events.

The best part about this service is that it is available without any advertisements.


WatchESPN is a sports streaming website by the official ESPN channel.

This website comes with a remarkable user interface. This helps in providing a smooth and seamless user experience to visitors.

It is definitely one of the best sports streaming websites in the world.

For people living in the US, live sports events on this website come without any intrusive advertisements.

Additionally, the Android and IOS applications allow mobile phone users to watch live content with ease as well.


VIPLeague allows is also a highly reliable website to watch live sports events.

Users can even change the themes of the website.

The user interface is highly interactive and you can even customize it.

Apart from this, you can watch streams of many sports such as Football, Basketball, and Baseball to name a few.

Unfortunately, the website is unavailable in a few countries.

However, you can use a free VPN service to bypass the blockage and access the website.


Even though the website has a strange name, it comes with remarkable offerings for live sports streaming lovers.

Users can watch all the live events on the website in high-definition streaming quality.

They can also see a detailed list of all the major live events taking place globally on the homepage.

The modern user interface of the website will allow you to have a non-invasive viewing experience.


Another popular live streaming platform for sports is Streamwoop.

It comes with many features apart from live streaming.

The website provides replays of the recent matches as well as in-depth analysis.

It also provides live sports timings according to your geographical location so that you can manage your time accordingly as well.

Sony Liv Sports

From Sony, this live sports streaming website enjoys great technological capabilities and delivers a very smooth live-streaming experience to its users.

The website comes with the capability to send notifications to users whenever a live sports show is near. The website also provides scorecards of ongoing and recent matches.

The Android and iOS applications allow users to watch their favorite live sports events when they are traveling.


Reddit is a great place if you’re looking for an unofficial live sports streaming link.

On communities called subreddits, you can find dedicated discussions for any type of sports.

Here, you’ll find streaming site owners posting the links of unofficial streams that you can watch.

Good streams usually have more upvotes.

It is recommended not to watch unofficial streams since the websites hosting such content may pose a threat to your personal information and data.

Such websites may contain malware or ransomware as well.

Only watch content on unofficial streams when you cannot access official streams easily.

Keep your firewall active when accessing such websites.

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You will never miss a sports show with the help of these popular streaming websites. Make sure to check them out and find out which one complements your requirements the most.

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