Cristiano Ronaldo to get his preferred No.7 jersey at Juventus [PHOTO]

Cristiano Ronaldo to get his preferred No.7 jersey at Juventus [PHOTO]

After the announcing of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus move was done earlier this week, talk has been rife over whether or not he’d get his preferred No.7 jersey.

Ronaldo wore the number at Manchester Utd before eventually switching to it at Real Madrid after taking up the No.9 jersey at the start of his arrival at the Bernabeu.

However, with Juan Cuadrado already wearing the No.7 jersey at Juve, it was up for debate as to whether or not Cuadrado would be asked, and in turn would be willing, to give up the number and hand it over to the Portuguese superstar.

As seen in his tweet below, it appears as though the Colombian international will do. Whether it’s come after a conversation with Ronaldo or the club is unknown, but clearly, Cuadrado has shown his ability to be a team player and offer Juventus’s new superstar signing what he would have been desperate for.

“More blessed is to give than to receive. Blessings Cristiano, in this new adventure,” he wrote in his caption together with a pic of him holding a ‘Ronaldo 7’ jersey.

As noted in their official statement, Juve have splashed out over €100m to take Ronaldo to Turin, where he will look to sustain the impressive level of success he has enjoyed all through his career.

He’ll without a doubt appreciate this gesture from the winger, but it remains to be seen when official confirmation from the club arrives that their porch new signing is set to wear a very celebrated number formerly worn by the likes of Gianluca Pessotto, Antonio Conte as well as Angelo Di Livio.

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