Players with highest EA Sports FC rating at PL Summer Series

Players with highest EA Sports FC rating at PL Summer Series
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Discover the elite players gracing the Premier League Summer Series with the highest EA Sports FC ratings. Delve into the virtual accolades of these exceptional talents, reflecting their real-life performances and attributes on the pitch. Get ready for an action-packed footballing spectacle as these top-notch contenders vie for glory in the tournament.

As the eagerly anticipated Premier League Summer Series kicks off, football fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the thrilling battles that lie ahead.

Among the multitude of talented players gracing the tournament, the spotlight shines brightly on those boasting the highest EA Sports FC ratings.

These virtual accolades, meticulously calculated based on players' real-life performances and attributes, serve as a testament to their exceptional skills and abilities on the pitch. With top-notch contenders vying for glory, the stage is set for a footballing spectacle that promises to be nothing short of exhilarating.

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As we delve into the action-packed tournament, let's explore the elite group of players who have earned themselves the prestigious distinction of possessing the highest EA Sports FC ratings in the Premier League Summer Series.

Premier League Summer Series: Top Players with Highest EA Sports FC Ratings

Raheem Sterling 

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Rank 50

Nationality: England

Team: Chelsea

Position: Left Winger (LW)

Overall Rating: 86

Raheem Sterling ranks 50th in the EA Sports FC rating is leading the list of Players with highest EA Sports FC rating at the Premier League Summer Series. Playing as a left winger for Chelsea, Sterling's overall rating is 86.

His pace rating is 90, while his finishing ability is showcased by his shooting rating of 80. As a team player, Sterling boasts an impressive passing rating of 78.

His impeccable dribbling skills (86) enable him to maneuver past defenders effortlessly, making him a constant threat in the attacking third. Though not primarily known for his defensive prowess, his rating is 45.

Combining technical finesse with physical strength (67), Raheem Sterling is set to make a significant impact on the Summer Series with Chelsea.

Thiago Silva 

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Rank 58

Nationality: Brazil

Team: Chelsea

Position: Center Back (CB)

Overall Rating: 86

Thiago Silva, the Brazilian defensive stalwart and leader of the Chelsea defense, secures the 58th spot in the EA Sports FC rating. He is the 2nd in the list of Players with highest EA Sports FC rating at the Premier League Summer Series.

Renowned for his exceptional defensive intelligence and composure, Silva's overall rating of 86 is a testament to his consistency and reliability at the heart of the defense. With a pace rating of 49, he may not be the fastest player on the pitch, but his positioning and anticipation more than compensate for any lack of speed.

Silva's shooting and passing ratings, while not his primary attributes, are respectable at 54 and 73, respectively. However, his standout feature lies in his dribbling (86), a rarity for a center back, which allows him to initiate attacks from deep within his own half.

With a solid defensive rating of 45 and physicality rating of 67, Thiago Silva is a formidable presence in Chelsea's backline, making him a vital asset for the team during the Summer Series.

Reece James

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Credit: Icon Sport

Rank 115

Nationality: England

Team: Chelsea

Position: RWB

Overall rating: 84

A product of Chelsea's youth academy. With an impressive OVR of 84 in EA Sports FC, Reece James possesses a well-rounded skill set that makes him an invaluable asset to his team.

His exceptional pace (PAC 81) allows him to make lung-busting runs down the flank, contributing both offensively and defensively. Armed with a SHO rating 70 and an eye for a pass (PAS 82), James is a constant threat in the attacking third.

Additionally, his exceptional dribbling (DRI 85) and defensive attributes (DEF 80) make him a formidable force on both ends of the pitch. Not to be underestimated in physical battles, James boasts a remarkable level of strength and stamina (PHY 82), making him an essential component of Chelsea's tactical setup.

Emiliano Martinez

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Credit: Icon Sport

RANK 116

Nationality: Argentina

Team: Aston Villa

Position: GK

Overall rating: 84

The World Cup winner, Emiliano Martinez has made a significant impact on Aston Villa's defensive stability since his arrival. As a goalkeeper with an impressive OVR of 84 in EA Sports FC, Martinez's quick reflexes and agility (PAC 85) allow him to pull off breathtaking saves in crucial moments.

His exceptional shot-stopping ability (SHO 83) and precision in distribution (PAS 82) make him an integral part of Villa's build-up play from the back.

Additionally, Martinez displays remarkable composure on the ball with outstanding dribbling ability (DRI 85) for a goalkeeper. While his DEF rating may be lower (58), his shot-stopping and decision-making skills have made him a reliable last line of defense for Aston Villa.

His commanding presence in the penalty area, combined with impressive physicality (PHY 83), has garnered admiration from fans and opponents alike.

Kieran Trippier

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Credit: Icon Sport

Rank 145

Nationality: England

Team: Newcastle United

Position: Right Back

Overall rating: 84

Ranked 145th, Kieran Trippier, the English right-back now playing for Newcastle United, boasts an overall rating of 84 in EA Sports FC.

His defensive capabilities (80) make him a solid choice for the right-back position, while his passing ability (82) allows him to create chances for his teammates.

Trippier's dribbling (77) adds flair to his game, enabling him to make dynamic runs down the flank. Although his pace (70) might not be his standout attribute, his footballing intelligence and positional awareness more than make up for it, making him a valuable asset for Newcastle in the virtual realm.

Player with Highest EA Sports FC Rating at PL Summer Series for Each Team

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Raheem Sterling 

  • PLAYER : Raheem seterling
  • RANK 50
  • NAT England
  • TEAM chelsea
  • POS LW
  • OVR 86
  • PAC 90
  • SHO 80
  • PAS 78
  • DRI 86
  • DEF 45
  • PHY 67

Aston Villa

Emiliano Martinez

  • RANK 116
  • NAT Argentina
  • TEAM Aston Villa
  • POS GK
  • OVR 84
  • PAC 85
  • SHO 83
  • PAS 82
  • DRI 85
  • DEF 58
  • PHY 83

Newcastle United

Kieran Trippier

  • RANK 145
  • NAT England
  • TEAM Newcastle United
  • POS RB
  • OVR 84
  • PAC 70
  • SHO 64
  • PAS 82
  • DRI 77
  • DEF 80
  • PHY 72



  • RANK 319
  • NAT Porteguese
  • TEAM Fullham
  • OVR 81
  • PAC 63
  • SHO 65
  • PAS 70
  • DRI 72
  • DEF 82
  • PHY 89


Lewis Dunk

  • RANK 623
  • TEAM Brighton
  • POS CB
  • OVR 79
  • PAC 44
  • SHO 51
  • PAS 62
  • DRI 63
  • DEF 80
  • PHY 79


Thomas Strakosha

  • RANK 755
  • TEAM Brentford
  • POS GK
  • OVR 78
  • PAC 79
  • SHO 76
  • PAS 73
  • DRI 79
  • DEF 43
  • PHY 77

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