How to join Nigeria Football Federation: The A-Z Guide

How to join Nigeria Football Federation: The A-Z Guide

Think football and you think unity among people. Football is a universal game that is played, loved and watched by millions of people around the globe, not leaving Nigeria out of it.

However, it not just played and loved, it is a great relaxer that keeps the mind, soul and body fit and healthy.

One amazing thing about football is that it unite nations. Football can be traced back to the time of the ancient Greek.

As it believed and known that the Greek possess the spirit of a Sportsman and they invented many games, football happens to be one of them, but modern football and it rule originate from England and are applied all over the world including in the Nigeria Football Federation.

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History of Nigeria Football Federation

It is important to realize, the Nigeria Football Federation (formerly known as Nigeria Football Association till it was changed in 2008) was launched in 1945, joined Confederation of Africa Football (CAF), and joined Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) in 1960.

Nigeria Football Federation organized three leagues; Nigeria premier league, the amateur league and woman league, including five competitions(women cup and Federation cups).

For these achievements so far, joining Nigeria Football Federation would be the dream of many.

Here in this article, I am going to show you in detail how to join Nigeria football federation.

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How To Join Nigeria Football Federation

Write An Application Letter

You have to write an application letter to the board where you will state your interest in joining and your aspiration for the enrollment. You will highlight the purpose of your enrollment to showcase your skill to the world and help the Nigeria Football Federation to reach higher level among others.


When you are done with the writing of application letter and have been granted by the board, next is to proceed to register for NFF, you must produce the registration fee of N300,000 (Three hundred thousand Naira only). After you are done with filling up the registration form with your data, then attached your passport photo to it.  

International Passport

If you do not have the international passport it is better you get it at early stages of processing because it will be useful when you want to submit your data and it will be useful when it’s time for processing your travel abroad.

Police Clearance Report

Another important thing you have to do is to provide a police clearance report for them to know whether you do not have a criminal record.  

Submit In NFF Glass House Abuja

The next step to take is to submit your application form with necessary data about you to the NFF Glass house in Abuja. This is where your application will be review if it meets the requirement to join the Nigeria Football Federation

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With the information I just shared, the basics you need have been stated. What you just need to do is to take a step and follow the guide.  

If you want, you can see all the past and present presidents/chairmen of the NFF here.

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