Mozzartbet Jackpot Prediction, Tips and Weekly Results – May 2023

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Since launching operations in Kenya’s sports betting industry, Mozzartbet has grown immensely to become a betting powerhouse. Today, Mozzartbet boasts a huge market share, rivalling top sportsbooks that preceded its existence in the country. Mozzartbet jackpot is one such product that has given the betting site a big facelift in Kenya given the huge prize at stake.

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If you are looking for the best Mozzartbet jackpot prediction, you are at the right place. Goalball Live provides you with an extensive analysis of every jackpot game we preview. In the end, you should be able to bag a Mozzartbet jackpot bonus or at least the ultimate prize with our Mozzartbet jackpot prediction. Read on for more.

Mozzartbet Weekly Super Grand Jackpot Prediction by Goalball Live: Top Weekly Picks, Tips and Results

Mozzartbet super grand jackpot

Mozzartbet presents customers with a chance to bet on a weekly jackpot competition known as Super Grand Jackpot. The catch with the Mozzartbet Jackpot is that players get to predict the outcome of 20 matches. Note that like on any other platform, the games are preselected by the sportsbook. You are required to bet before kick-off to qualify for the ultimate prize.

To help you get started with Mozzartbet weekly super jackpot predictions, we recommend using our Mozzartbet jackpot predictions right here at Goalball Live.

Your chance to win Ksh. 200 million is here with Mozzartbet super grand jackpot. Your work is to predict twenty outcomes in a list of games featured in the bookmaker’s super grand jackpot section

The following are 10 of the games in this week's Mozzartbet Super Grand Jackpot and which we have extensively analyzed to give our readers the best possible outcomes:

  1. Fulham vs Crystal Palace-  Fulham to Win
  2. Wolverhampton vs Everton -Draw
  3. Nantes vs Montpellier – Montpellier to Win
  4. Almeria vs Mallorca Almeria to Win
  5. Cartegan vs Las Palmas – Draw
  6. Leganes vs Andorra – Draw
  7. Oviedo vs Santander- Draw
  8. Ibiza vs Zaragoza – Zaragoza to Win
  9. Lille vs Marseille – Lille to Win
  10. Lecce vs Spezia – Draw
  11. Rayo Vallecano vs Espanyol – Rayo Vallocano to Win
  12. West Ham vs Leeds –  West Ham to Win
  13. Torino vs Fiorentina – Draw
  14. Brest vs Clermont Foot-Draw
  15. Mainz vs Stuttgart – Mainz to Win
  16. Napoli vs Inter Milan – Inter Milan to Win
  17. Valencia vs Real Madrid – Draw
  18. Udinese vs Lazio – Udenese to Win
  19. Sevilla vs Real Betis – Sevilla to Win
  20. Sporting Lisbon vs Benfica –Draw

*This week's Mozzartbet Super Grand Jackpot predictions start on Saturday, 20th May and end the following day on Sunday, 21st May 2023. We recommend placing your bets on the Mozzarbet jackpot early to avoid rushing through the games*

Analysis of Mozzartbet Weekly Super Grand Jackpot Matches

Guesswork can sometimes be disappointing when it comes to betting on jackpot games. It is especially difficult in the case of the Mozzartbet weekly jackpot where you may not have enough time to go through the individual matches and accurately predict the best possible outcomes. At Goalball Live, we save you the hustle by looking into each and every game. Thus, with our Mozzartbet jackpot prediction, you can rest assured of the best and potentially win the jackpot if not the Mozzartbet weekly Super Grand jackpot bonuses. Are you ready to win the Mozzartbet weekly jackpot bonuses with our analysis and predictions? Take a look below.

Fulham vs Crystal Palace–Fulham to Win

Fulham won the reverse fixture with a 3-0 scoreline. We back the Cottagers to earn three points here. Fulham scored 7 goals in the last two while Palace scored twice in as many matches.

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Wolverhampton vs Everton–Draw

Everton only lost a single game in its last five away league matches, while Wolves won its last four home games. A draw is a highly probable outcome in this EPL clash between Wolves and Everton.

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Nantes vs Montpellier–Montpellier to Win

Montpellier won two of its last five away league matches, while Nantes is on a run of five winless games. We are tipping the visitors to win this game.

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Almeria vs Mallorca–Almeria to Win

Almeria won two of its last five home matches, while Mallorca avoided defeat twice in the last five away games. We are tipping the hosts to collect all the points in this clash.

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Cartagena vs Las Palmas–Draw

Las Palmas drew three of its last five league matches, while Cartagena drew two of its last five games. With that we think Cartegena vs Las Palmas is likely to end square on matchday.

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Leganes vs Andorra–Draw

Andorra avoided defeat in its last five away games, while Leganes avoided defeat thrice in its last five games. We think with Leganes looking for more survival points while Andorra is hoping to secure a promotion playoff spot, this will likely be a draw.

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Oviedo vs Santander–Oviedo to Win

Oviedo won its last three home games, while Santander avoided defeat three times in the last five away games. The hosts are our pick to win the game even though top six is not achievable.

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Ibiza vs Zaragoza–Zaragoza to Win

Ibiza lost its last three home matches, while Cartagena won in its last league action. We back the visitors to win the game on matchday.

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Lille vs Marseille–Lille to Win

Lille won its last three home matches, while Marseille lost in its last league action. We back the hosts to win. Lille should put more effort to secure a top-five place by not losing this game.

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Lecce vs Spezia–Draw

Spezia drew three of its last five away matches, while Lecce avoided defeat twice in its last five home games. We back a draw.

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Rayo Vallecano vs Espanyol–Rayo Vallecano to Win

Rayo won its last three home matches, while Espanyol lost its last five away games. We tip a home win.

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West Ham vs Leeds–West Ham to Win

West Ham won three of its last five games, while Leeds lost its last four away games. We tip a home win. And West Ham is hopeful of a top 6 finish.

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Torino vs Fiorentina–Draw

Torino avoided defeat twice at home, while Fiorentina won twice on the road in the last five games. We tip a draw outcome. Top five is nearly impossible to realize for both teams.

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Brest vs Clermont–Draw

Brest won the last four home games, while Clermont avoided defeat in its last three away games. We tip a draw outcome.

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Mainz vs Stuttgart–Mainz to Win

Mainz won twice at home in five games, while Stuttgart avoided defeat thrice away from home in the last five games. Back home win.

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Napoli vs Inter–Inter Milan to Win

Inter won its last five away games, while Napoli avoided defeat in its last four home matches. We tip the visitors to claim all points.

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Valencia vs Real Madrid–Draw

Real Madrid lost its last three away games, while Valencia won twice at home in five games. We tip a home win. Valencia needs survival points while Real Madrid risks losing the second finish if they lose the remaining games.

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Udinese vs Lazio–Udenese to Win

Udinese won three home games in five, while Lazio lost the last two league matches. We are backing Udinese to win this match.

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Sevilla vs Betis–Sevilla to Win

Sevilla won three of its last five games, while Betis avoided defeat twice on the road. Back Sevilla to win. Sevilla risks finishing out of the top 7 if they lose this game with Betis looking more assured in 6th and could go 5th with a win.

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Sporting vs Benfica–Sporting Lisbon to Win

Sporting avoided defeat in its last five home matches, while Benfica avoided defeat in four of its last five away games. We have settled on a draw when these teams clash this weekend.

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How Many Games are in the Mozzartbet Weekly Super Grand Jackpot?

Every betting site has different types of jackpots. Most importantly, you will be required to predict the correct outcomes of a number of games to bag the ultimate prize. In this case, the question is, how many predictions are you required to make in the Mozzartbet Super Grand jackpot?

Mozzartbet has continued to set the pace for Kenyan sportsbooks. They are currently the leading betting site with the most competitive jackpots. Apart from a daily jackpot competition, the Super Grand jackpot features 20 matches. Your work is to select the possible outcome of each game for a chance to bag the ultimate prize.

What is the Mozzartbet Super Grand Jackpot Prize?

Mozzartbet Super Grand jackpot has a price tag of Ksh. 200 million. It is in the top three of Kenyan’s best-paying jackpots. To win the prize, all your 20 predictions for the Super Grand Jackpot must be correct.

And in the event that several bettors win the Mozzartbet jackpot, the prize is shared evenly. But for players who fail to bag the ultimate prize, note that the Mozzartbet jackpot bonus reward is equally worth the risk. In this case, a player who gets 19 correct predictions stands a chance of winning Ksh. 60 million. Moreover, bettors who predict 18 matches correctly out of the possible 20 games get a Mozzartbet jackpot bonus of Ksh. 20 million. There is a bonus of Ksh. 5 million for 17 correct predictions.

Note that the bonuses are also shared equally. Thus, depending on the number of winners, the Mozzartbet weekly jackpot bonuses could be higher or lower. With the Mozzartbet jackpot prediction at Goalball Live, your chances of bagging more bonuses are higher. You could also be lucky to win the full amount at stake, so keep checking back for updates on weekly jackpot analysis and predictions.

How Can I Play Mozzartbet Jackpot?

Mozzartbet jackpot is available to Kenyans who have attained the age of 18 years and fancy sports betting. For starters looking to take their chances on the Mozzartbet weekly jackpot, the process is simple. Here are the steps to following to bet on the Mozzartbet jackpot:

  • Visit the Mozzartbet website and locate the tab labelled register to get started.
  • Click it to reveal a sign-up form requiring you to fill in details such as your mobile number and create a password for your account.
  • You should accept the terms as well conditions of Mozzartbet Kenya to proceed to the next step.
  • Lastly, confirm that you are at least 18 years of age at the time of signing up with Mozzartbet to complete your registration.
  • Now, proceed to the Mozzartbet jackpot page and locate the weekly offer to start betting.
  • Ensure that your account is funded before betting on the jackpot games.
  • Now, proceed to select your predictions from the 20 jackpot games. You can only choose the 1X2 market. There is no double chance, Overs or any other betting markets in the jackpot.
  • You can only play the jackpot when there are funds in your account, so ensure to deposit funds before placing a bet on the Mozzarbet Mega Jackpot.

What is the Minimum Bet on Mozzartbet Super Grand Jackpot?

You can bet from Ksh. 50 on the Mozzartbet jackpot. We can confirm that it is one of the most affordable jackpots in Kenya. And for such a low stake to win Ksh. 200 million, the jackpot is worth the risk. Note that Ksh.50 is for only one combination as you can make several other predictions within the same jackpot. Each combination is worth Ksh.50, so the more selections you make, the higher your stake becomes. The good thing about several combinations is that it increases your chances of bagging a Mozzartbet jackpot bonus.

Which are the Top Sportsbooks in Kenya?

Do you need to join the best betting sites in Kenya and bet on some of the best jackpots in the country and the whole of Africa? Check out the table below for some of the best platforms featuring competitive jackpot games and exciting matches that you can play in Kenya.

Top Bookmakers Key Features Sign-up Links


  • Live Betting and Streaming
  • Mobile App ios and Android
  • Best Customer Service


Bet On Betway



  • Vast number of sporting events
  • Real Time Wagering
  • SMS Wagering Available


Bet On Betika



  • Free Bets
  • Live Betting
  • Virtual Sports


Bet On Wazobet



  • Live Betting and Streaming
  • Good Customer Service
  • Better User Experience


Bet On Kwikbet



  • Low Cost Betting
  • Vast Range of Bonuses
  • Excellent Customer Service


Bet On Mozzartbet

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