How to Play Sportsbook Jackpots in Kenya – 2024

How to Play Sportsbook Jackpots in Kenya – 2024

Kenya is home to tens of betting sites. However, not all of them are popular as some have better products than others. In 2023, there were thousands of jackpot winners in Kenya. From those who have made the most of our jackpot prediction to those bettors who never miss a chance to try out our weekly Kwikbet jackpot prediction.

You should also consider Betway jackpot prediction as well as Mozzartbet jackpot prediction right here at Goalball Live before venturing into your next chance at betting on Kenya football jackpots. We help you understand jackpot predictions in this game, how to be a pro bettor and many more.

What are Jackpot Predictions?

If you are a first-timer in sports betting, jackpots may be a new phrase. However, there isn’t much difference between betting on daily match picks by Goalball Live and staking on games that have been pre-selected by a sportsbook. In the case of jackpot betting, you are restricted to placing bets on matches that have been pre-selected by a betting site. It means that Jackpot prediction has its technicalities as the matches tend to be more difficult. The opposite is where you run through a betting site, pick games that are easy to predict and then place a bet on them.

A typical example of jackpot gaming is the Sportpesa jackpot games or the Betika midweek jackpot prediction that features 15 matches preselected from different football leagues. Kwikbet jackpot prediction, popularly known as Omoka Jackpot, is another example of jackpot gaming in Kenya. There is also Betway jackpot prediction where you get to predict outcomes of 8 matches, not to mention Mozzartbet jackpot prediction with 16 pairs of matches.

Understanding Jackpot Games in Kenya

Jackpot games are no different from the usual games on which you can bet. However, before settling on a combination or pairs of matches to include in a jackpot, bookmarkers dig deeper into selected games whose outcomes are not obvious. In most cases, the odds of Jackpot games range between 2.00 and 3.00, which makes them harder to predict or win because there is an outright possibility or favourite.

Moreover, unlike daily bets where you can choose from up to 200 betting markets, jackpot matches are restricted to 3 markets namely, home win, draw or away win (1X2). The good thing about playing jackpots is that the more risks you are willing to take, the higher the rewards.

How to Play and Win Sportsbook Jackpots in Kenya?

Now, with the comprehensive guidelines above, tackling each jackpot game in the Kenyan betting scene, the next question is, do you have what it takes to win a jackpot prize in Kenya?

The truth is, jackpot wins are rare. However, anyone can win with our Betika Midweek Jackpot prediction and expert tips. And if Sportpesa Mega Jackpot prediction-are games is something you fancy, there are practical gaming guidelines that can get you closer to the ultimate reward for your efforts.  Here are some tips to help you play the Kwikbet jackpot and any other Kenyan jackpot.

Learn about Teams

There is no magic to winning a jackpot competition. Given the several jackpots in Kenya, the most important thing to do is avoid the temptation of greed. You may end up losing more money than you earn. We recommend learning about the teams before playing a jackpot game. The more knowledgeable you are about teams across various leagues, including getting acquainted with team news, player injury and stats, the closer you get to winning a jackpot.

Compare Jackpots

The reason for comparing jackpots is that some are harder to predict. Most importantly, the higher the jackpot prize, the lower the probability of winning as there will be many games to analyze.

Group Betting

Jackpots often feature many matches, which you must predict correctly to win the jackpot. However, exhaustion often sets in along the way. We recommend analyzing a jackpot in pairs or groups of 3. This way, every player can take up the challenge of predicting matches with which he feels most comfortable.

Play regularly

The more you play jackpot games, the higher your chances of winning. Playing regularly has the advantage of experience and it also begets more knowledge about specific teams and leagues. In the end, it becomes easier to settle on correct outcomes.

Goalball Live Jackpot Predictions

At Goalball Live, we sample some of the best Kenyan jackpots and then provide our readers with the best possible predictions of selected matches. Our jackpot analysis features at least five matches in every category. So, whether you want to make use of our Betway jackpot prediction, Kwikbet jackpot prediction, Super9ja jackpot prediction, Betway jackpot prediction or, Sportpesa midweek and mega jackpot prediction, anyone can get a share of the competitive bonuses awarded by the leading betting sites in Kenya.

Which Bookmakers Offer Jackpots in Kenya?

Kenya’s sports betting landscape has shifted in many ways. You can today join different betting sites and bet on different jackpots. This section will walk you through Kenya’s most popular betting sites offering arguably the most competitive jackpots with huge cash prizes.


Sportpesa is regarded as a premier sports betting platform in Kenya. That notwithstanding, mega jackpot is the most talked about in the Kenyan betting scene. Apart from being the platform with the biggest jackpot prize currently, Sportpesa mega jackpot prediction features 17 games from different leagues. You can also play to the sportpesa midweek jackpot with only 13 games to analyse. Thus, if you are an ardent football fan, take your chance today and bag a Sportpesa jackpot bonus.


Mozzartbet Jackpot crowns it all in our review of top Kenyan betting sites offering jackpot prizes. Mozart isn’t old but most Kenyan bettors would agree that Mozzartbet Kenya is currently the big thing for millions of football lovers.

First off, Mozzartbet Kenya has two main jackpots. You can go for the daily Mozzartbet Jackpot or the weekly Mozzartbet Super Grand Jackpot.  The daily jackpot prize on Mozzartbet is Ksh.20 million. Most importantly, Mozzartbet customers still get a consolation reward if they miss the ultimate prize. The fact that you only bet with Ksh.20 but have a chance of bagging Ksh.20 is something that makes it worth the risk.

The Mozzartbet jackpot bonus on the daily super offer is Ksh.6 million for 15 correct predictions out of 16 matches. If you predict 14 games correctly in the daily jackpot, Mozzartbet gives you a bonus of Ksh.2 million. Players who get 13 matches correctly equally have something to take home as they stand to claim Ksh.500, 000 in bonuses. Note that the bonuses are shared equally, so depending on the number of players who meet the bonus thresholds in each category, the bonus value could be higher or lower.

Another popular jackpot by Mozzartbet Kenya is the weekly Super Grand Jackpot. In this case, bettors can bag Ksh.200 million if they correctly predict the outcomes of 20 matches. Let’s emphasize that the Mozzartbet jackpot is static.

Thus, with our Mozzartbet jackpot prediction, the weekly competition is another chance to claim something out of your love for football. The Mozzartbet weekly jackpot bonuses start from 17 correct predictions all the way to predicting 19 matches correctly.

Players who predict 19 matches are entitled to Mozzartbet weekly jackpot bonuses of Ksh. 60 million. For 18 correct predictions, the bonus is Ksh. 20 million. On the lower end, which is 17 correct predictions, Mozzartbet Kenya awards players a bonus of Ksh. 5 million. The above bonuses are shared equally. So,10 players who get 19 matches correctly will each will bag a bonus of Ksh.10 million. Most importantly, the bonuses are also awarded if one, two or three matches are posted, which we find fair compared to platforms that conduct a public draw to determine the outcome of the postponed game.


Betika jackpot is another one worth mentioning. The Betika betting site is quite popular in Kenya. However, the Betika jackpot bonus isn’t the highest currently. You can earn up to Ksh. 15 million with our Betika jackpot prediction when you predict the outcomes of 15 preselected matches. If you are an ardent soccer follower, then the Betika Jackpot prediction should be the easiest given that the more games there are, the higher the chances of landing a bonus reward.


Kwikbet is another top sportsbook to consider in Kenya if you want to bet on a jackpot. Kwikbet Kenya has a 9-match jackpot with a prize money value of Ksh. 500,000. You must predict all 9 matches correctly to bag the ultimate prize in the Kwikbet jackpot.

While we think it isn’t the best currently given that when there are multiple winners, the prize money is shared, Kwikbet Jackpot still gives you a chance to spread your risks. Most importantly, Kwikbet Jackpot is currently the most affordable in Kenya as you only need Ksh.20 to place your bet on the 9-match Omoka Jackpot. The good news is that with our Kwikbet jackpot prediction. For bettors who fail to win it, note that there is a Kwikbet jackpot bonus as a consolation prize for trying.

Given that the Omoka Jackpot by Kwikbet is Ksh. 500,000 ultimate prize, means the Kwikbet Jackpot bonus isn’t also the highest, especially in cases where several players meet the threshold for a bonus reward.


Betway started a favourite sportsbook in Kenya for many bettors. However, a crackdown by the Kenya government temporarily halted their operations between 2018 and 2020 before resuming again. Kenya’s betting market is vibrant and Betway sportsbook fits the bill as that platform where you get to bet on a variety of sports.

Betway mostly focuses on football, which is highlighted by its partnership with various football clubs such as West Ham.

However, from our selected sportsbooks in this review, the Betway jackpot is currently the lowest. You can win a jackpot of Ksh. 300,000 when you play the Betway Jackpot Kenya. Our Betway jackpot is your starting point as you take your chances playing the 8-match jackpot.

Most importantly, winning the Betway Kenya jackpot attracts a tax deduction. It means that if you bag the 300,000 Kenyan shillings, the government takes away 60,000 shillings in taxes.

Let’s also state that the Betway jackpot bonus is not the most impressive as it majorly serves as a consolation prize. We would argue that the decline in Betway’s popularity in Kenya has perhaps contributed to the low jackpot value.

Moreover, when you bet on Betway Jackpot Kenya, your chances of winning the jackpot bonus is higher. Players who predict 7 correct outcomes out of the 8 games get a consolation bonus of Ksh. 100. And if you get 5 correct predictions, your consolation prize is Ksh.48. The minimum threshold for bagging a Betway jackpot bonus is predicting 5 correct outcomes and it fetches a bonus of Ksh.8.


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