Super League: Punishment Awaits Premier League ‘Big Six’ Despite Withdrawal?

The European Super League came crashing down on Tuesday night after all six Premier League clubs withdrew their interest.

More clubs are now set to follow – but is this the end of the controversial breakaway competition? Or will Premier League clubs be punished?

It seems likely, yes.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd and Tottenham were major players in the formation of the European Super League.

In fact, Premier League clubs accounted for HALF of the ‘dirty dozen' European clubs.

They had ample chance to say no – after all, Borussia Dortmund rejected the invitation.

The six Premier League teams will now surely face a punishment – but it won't be half as extreme as many disgruntled football fans would like.

The clubs all face a hefty fine.

However, they are incredibly unlikely to be hit with a points deduction and are even less likely to be kicked out of the Premier League.

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Ironically, having moved to form their own breakaway league in a bid to make more money, the six teams now look set to be hit in the pocket and head back to reality with their tails between their legs.

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