The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Kits Presented (Or Leaked)

In Europe, the football seasons of most countries are coming to an end. With it comes a time when the teams present their brand new looks for the (hopefully) coming season.

As you might expect, some are better, others, not so much. Across official presentations and leaks, here are three that triggered strong reactions from the fans.

The Rossoneri’s new PUMA kit is beautiful


AC Milan’s 2020/2021 kits, provided by PUMA, are a tribute to the city’s architecture, inspired by the oldest shopping mall in Italy, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The jersey was presented by current and former Milan players like Alessio Romagnoli or legendary Swedish player Zlatan Ibrahimovic who returned to Milan on a six-month contract last December.

The fans appreciated the new kit, pointing out that its stripe size is similar to the one worn by the team in 2010, hoping that it predicts another season that ends with the scudetto on it.

But as you can clearly see if you look at the Betway soccer betting app, it’s not the kit that wins the matches – it’s the players. Betway may take into account many factors when calculating the odds for Milan’s upcoming matches – but their kit is probably not one of them. Still, who knows – the enthusiasm of players wearing this amazing kit may be enough to give them the momentum to win more games and turn more Betway users into winners.

The Spurs’ kit gets mixed reviews

image 1

The new home kit of Tottenham Hotspur, provided by Nike, is based on the team’s old home jerseys – there is a knit pattern woven into the fabric, and blue shoulder pieces to frame it.

The team’s new away kit is, in turn, completely different: it’s dark green with neon pink and yellow accents and it “introduces a fresh look inspired by the style and colors of London streetwear,” Scott Munson, Nike’s vice president for Football Apparel said.

The fans are, in turn, not very excited by the Spurs’ new away look. Many of them took to Twitter to complain about it, especially its price – an elite adult jersey sells for £100 (and a replica, for £70) in the official Spurs shop – even joking about how the team’s new slogan, “Raise Your Dare”, should read “Raise Your Price”.

Liverpool’s new Nike kit leaked

image 2

Liverpool FC, after winning the Premier League for the first time in three decades, will try to win the hearts of its supporters with a brand new kit – its first one provided by sportswear manufacturer Nike in a new multi-year deal signed earlier this year. The new kit will officially be presented in August (photos of it were sent out to retailers in advance) but there are already leaked images circulating online – like the ones above, caught by – showing what they will look like.

The grey-and-pink “third” jersey has already been compared to the infamous kits provided by Warrior Football, a subsidiary of New Balance, that was killed off because of its awful designs. In short, fans pretty much hate it. The “home” kit was called a bit too “plain” by the fans who didn’t appreciate the teal accents on the shirt (saying that it should’ve either been gold or not been there at all). The turquoise “away” kit, in turn, attracted mixed reactions: some love it (especially if combined with black shorts), others hate it because of the color itself.

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Anyway, these may not even be the final designs – we’ll have to wait a few more days for the official designs to be presented.

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