Thembinkosi Lorchsalary leaves Netizens scratching their heads

Thembinkosi Lorchsalary leaves Netizens scratching their heads
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Several Netizens have taken to social media to react to the purported Thembinkosi Lorch salary received by the Orlando Pirates forward.

The 30-year-old forward has been in and out of court over the assault of his ex-girlfriend, Fundiswa Nokuphiwa Mathithibala. 

He was in Randburg Magistrate Court last week when his lawyer, Pierre de Kock, revealed his salary. 

“As a soccer player, his salary fluctuates, and his salary is roughly R50 000. He has to send money to his first child who lives with their mother in Qwa-Qwa, and he lives with his other child. My client will appreciate a suspended sentence,” De Kock said.

If the R50,000 monthly figure being quoted as Thembinkosi Lorch salary is accurate, then he is vastly underpaid compared to a number of big stars in the PSL. 

Fans have now been reacting to that claim with many suggesting he is being underpaid by the Buccaneers. 

Thembinkosi Lorch salary – Orlando Pirates star “underpaid” according to fans

Just as football lovers and followers have been shocked, many have reacted to the shock revelation. 

One fan claimed that meagre salary was justified, given the player's continuous struggles with off-pitch issues.

@Kideo_Mah explained: “He is a part-time football player after all. He doubles playing football with beating women and making court appearances.

Another fan claimed that amount was fair enough and gave his reason.

@sivokovoko was certain: “At Pirates, that 50k a month is possible, remember they should be grateful for playing for the big brand.” 

@KeMariri suggested: “There are various parts to salary… other benefits would be called something else like performance… they are managing the truth.” 

One fan claimed there was more to that revelation, explaining the reason behind that thought process.

@njivana thought: “Maybe to highlight that he’s the breadwinner, for the argument of a lighter sentence.” 

@joelmonwabisi was convinced: “It's true, the lawyer won't lie in court bro.” 

For another set of fans, Thembinkosi Lorch salary did not just make sense to them on any front.

@SbuuMathe imagined: “A whole superstar of the team earning just R50k??? No wonder Erasmus wanted to strangle people…I'd also be mad at Sundowns if I were him honestly. Phela this means he's somewhere around the region of R25k.” 

@Enn_que was confused: “Could just be the basic salary, I’m just speculating. Doesn’t add up.” 

The assault case hanging around Thembinkosi Lorch

The ex-girlfriend of the Orlando Pirates football player alleged she was assaulted twice by him before she went to the police.

Fundiswa Nokuphiwa Mathithibala laid bare their relationship in a victim impact statement in the Randburg magistrate's court where Lorch is due to be sentenced. 

The 30-year-old Pirates winger is awaiting sentence following a guilty verdict in June this year. The assault incident took place in September 2020.

The relationship started in 2018, when she was renting a two-bedroom apartment in Ferndale, Randburg, and he was renting in Vorna Valley in Midrand.

She claimed that on the day of the assault, she was visiting Lorch when he left her at his home to go out with one of his friends. When it was getting late, she messaged him to return her car keys.

Mathithibala said she didn’t report the two previous assaults as she was protecting his job and reputation.

Meanwhile, Lorch told the court he was willing to make amends and apologise to Mathithibala.

The case has be adjourned till November 21 and it remains to be seen what the fate of the Orlando Pirates star will be.

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