UEFA Nations League Winner Prize For 2020-21: The Breakdown

UEFA Nations League fixtures have been announced for 2020-21 competition but what does the prize for the winner look like?

Most matches were held behind closed doors this year due to covid-19 pandemic, as a result, big amount of money are not been generated through tickets, but from television rights and sponsorship.

What the Nations League came to do is replace most international friendlies with UEFA splitting 55 European nations into four divisions based on their FIFA ranking.

Within these four divisions there are four groups of three or four teams.

Between each division the top side in each group will be promoted to the division above, and the bottom side in each group will be relegated to the division below.

These round robins are held between September and November each year.

The ultimate aim is to get into League A where the four group winners qualify for the UEFA Nations League Finals to be held each June.

It is here, where the top four teams will play in a straight knockout from the semi-finals on wards in a bid to be crowned the UEFA Nations League champion.

The purse money for all clubs are divided into four groups. Nations League group (A) team will receive the share of €2.25 million and the winning team of the group received extra fees of €2.25 million.

Last year the winners of Nations League received €6 million and runner-up received €4.50 million.

I have made a table below to give further information on how the 2020-21 UEFA Nations League winner prize money is being distributed.

UEFA Nations League Winner Prize Distribution

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According to these figures Nations League A team maximum earn €10.5 million.

All clubs received an early bonus based on solidarity fees of €2.25 million in League A, League B teams received €1.5 million, League C teams received €1.125 million and League D team received €750,000.

The winning team of Euro 2020 will receive €20 million including base fees, group winning bonus, match-winning bonus and final prize money of €10 million.

All information regarding UEFA Nations League prize money 2020-21 collected from trusted sources.

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