Victor Osimhen’s Secret Weapon: Olamide’s Inspirational Beats

Victor Osimhen’s Secret Weapon: Olamide’s Inspirational Beats
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Super Eagles striker Victor Osimhen, who scored a brace Nigeria's 3-2 win over Sierra Leone, recently revealed his pre-game routine, which involves finding inspiration in the music of his favorite artist, Olamide.

Osimhen has always maintained a positive mindset, even in challenging circumstances. He attributes part of his inspiration to Olamide, a renowned Nigerian rapper. In an interview with Pooja, Osimhen shared that he listens to Olamide's songs before every game, using them as a source of motivation and energy.

Osimhen's ritual lies in the power of music, he believes that immersing himself in Olamide's rap gives him the drive to perform at his best on the field.

“During my spare time before the game, I listen to Olamide's rap. There's some kind of rap that he's done in recent years that is really inspirational to me,” Osimhen stated. Olamide's music resonates with Osimhen on a deep level, helping him focus and mentally prepare for the challenges ahead.

The Nigerian star further emphasized Olamide's influence on his performance, revealing that he considers him the best musician in Nigeria. Osimhen has even curated a special playlist dedicated to Olamide's songs, which he listens to before matches. This pre-game routine has become an integral part of his preparation, allowing him to channel the rapper's energy and passion into his own gameplay.

Osimhen's playlist also includes tracks from Nas and Damian Marley, specifically their song “Only the Strong Survive.” The lyrics and rhythm of this track resonate deeply with Osimhen, reminding him that he is entering a battle on the field and reinforcing his desire to come out victorious. The song encapsulates his mindset of never wanting to lose and always striving for success.

“Only the strong survive means that I want to win, I don't want to lose. These are the songs that psyche me up to go so high on the pitch,” Osimhen explained.

While some may find Osimhen's pre-game routine relatively normal compared to the eccentric rituals of other players, it is undoubtedly significant to him. The power of music in sports is well-known, as it has the ability to evoke emotions, boost morale, and enhance focus. For Osimhen, Olamide's music serves as a catalyst for his motivation and determination to excel on the football pitch.

The world of sports is filled with diverse pre-game rituals, and Osimhen's routine is a testament to the individuality of each athlete. Whether it's kissing a tattoo, munching on cereal, or finding inspiration in music, these rituals play a crucial role in mentally preparing athletes for the challenges they will face during the game.

As Osimhen continues to make waves in the football world, it is clear that his pre-game routine with Olamide's music will remain an essential part of his journey. The combination of skill, dedication, and inspiration derived from his favorite artist will undoubtedly propel him to new heights in his career.

So the next time you see Osimhen stepping onto the field, remember that behind his impressive performances lies the power of music and the motivation he finds in Olamide's songs.

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“First of all like during my spare time after lunch we are relaxing for like two, three hours before the final meeting to get to the stadium, I listen to Olamide’s rap he’s done in recent years that is inspirational to me. Olamide is my best musician actually in Nigeria, I use to listen to him I have his playlist.

“Then after before I go for the team meeting I say my prayers and when we are in the bus I use to listen to Nas and Damian Marley’s ‘Only The Strong Survive’.

“When I listen to these songs I always put it in my head that I’m going for war everytime, when I’m playing I’m going for war. It’s not like I’m going there to die or someone is going to die but I feel like only the strong means I want to win I don’t want to lose. These are the songs that I actually listen to that really psych me up.“

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