Sneak peek into Victor Osimhen house in Italy

Sneak peek into Victor Osimhen house in Italy
Credit: Victor Osimhen - Twitter

As details of his new contract are being released, many fans of the Nigeria national football team want to know about Victor Osimhen house in Italy.

After the player officially puts pen to paper on his new Napoli contract, he will officially become Nigeria's highest paid player and in a few years, the richest athlete in the country.

Where he resides is a fact that fans would like to know, just like how fans were interested in the houses of John Mikel Obi and Al-Wehda's Odion Ighalo.

Read on to get a sneak peek into Victor Osimhen house in Italy.

Victor Osimhen house in Italy in posh neighbourhood of Naples

Victor Osimhen house in Italy was still on the market a month into the player's arrival at Napoli in 2020.

Like many players joining a club for the first time, the Super Eagles striker stayed at a hotel while working out the kinks of his settlement in the city.

Osimhen arrived in the city of Naples in August 2020 but it was in September 2020 that he got a home for himself and his German girlfriend, who he met while he played for VfL Wolfsburg.

He resumed training in September with Napoli and a while after, secured a beautiful place in the chic neighbourhood of Posillipo in Naples.

Victor Osimhen house in Italy is now home to the player, his girlfriend, German-Cameroonian Stefanie Kim Ladewig, and their toddler daughter Hailey.

Pictures of Victor Osimhen house in Italy are not anywhere online because of the player's resolve to keep his career separate from his family.

The only insights into Victor Osimhen's personal life that the media is privy to is his time in Lagos with his friends and the nights out he has on his free days while in Italy during a football season.

Victor Osimhen house in Italy secret because of negative media attention

Speaking in 2022 on why he keeps his career separate from his personal life, Osimhen said: “There is always someone who is ready to criticise, to pour out hatred, to insult.

“As long as they do it with me, it’s part of the game, you can even ignore it.

“But I could never accept that someone could use abusive words towards my daughter or any of my family members. I don’t want to suffer these attacks on my affections, that’s why I defend my family’s privacy from the attacks of those who hate and are capable of writing horrible things on social media.

“I keep my private life to myself because it is not available to anyone.”

Fans may never get to see any pictures of Victor Osimhen house in Italy for this reason.

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